Manrose Bathroom Extractor Fans

Whether you need a low voltage bathroom extractor fan or an ultra-quiet one Manrose have just the model for you. They're one of the most useful bathroom accessories and come in a 100mm standard size for the UK bathroom market. They're not short of features either with brilliant features like pull cords, timers and himidistats;

  • Pull cords will allow you to turn the extractor fan on when you need it.
  • Timers will run while you're in the bathroom and continue to run for a set time after you've left. These are usually wired into the lighting.
  • Humidistats are the top of the range Manrose extractor fans and measure the humidity in the room. They then switch on when the levels get too high.
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  1. manrose-pullcord-timer-controlled-extractor-fan-100mm-xf100p

    Manrose Pullcord Controlled Extractor Fan 100mm - XF100P

    Was £ 21.45

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    £ 19.85

    In Stock
  2. manrose-standard-extractor-fan-100mm-xf100s

    Manrose Standard Extractor Fan 100mm - XF100S

  3. manrose-timer-controlled-extractor-fan-100mm-xf100t

    Manrose Timer Controlled Extractor Fan 100mm - XF100T

  4. manrose-silent-timer-controlled-100m-extractor-fan-csf100t

    Manrose Silent Timer Controlled 100mm Extractor Fan - CSF100T

  5. manrose-100mm-in-line-kit-with-led-lamp-shower-timer-controlled-extractor-fan-ledslktc

    Manrose 100mm In-Line Kit with LED Lamp Shower Timer Controlled Extractor Fan - LEDSLKTC

    Was £ 68.75

    Save 10%

    £ 61.99

    In Stock
  6. manrose-silent-standard-100mm-extractor-fan-csf100s

    Manrose Silent standard 100mm Extractor Fan - CSF100S

    Was £ 47.99

    Save 10%

    £ 43.40

    Expected - 13/03/24
  7. manrose-quiet-timer-controlled-100mm-extractor-fan-cqf100t

    Manrose Quiet Timer Controlled 100mm Extractor Fan - CQF100T

  8. manrose-quiet-timer-and-humidistat-controlled-100mm-extractor-fan-cqf100h

    Manrose Quiet Humidistat Controlled 100mm Extractor Fan - CQF100H

  9. manrose-100mm-in-line-chrome-kit-with-led-lamp-shower-ex

    Manrose 100mm In-Line Chrome Kit with LED Lamp Shower Timer Controlled Extractor Fan - LEDSLCFDTCN