Aqualisa Showers

Aqualisa Showers have been manufacturing top quality showers since way back in 1977. This UK based company has seen a lot of success over the past 35 years and as they continue to develop their range of showers, their success shows no signs of stopping. With a wide range of mixer, electric, power and digital showers on offer; Aqualisa present a top quality line of shower fittings at an affordable price point which will suit any budget. Their strong focus on innovation, quality and service makes them a stand out manufacturer whose products are certain to make your bathroom experience even more luxurious.

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  1. Aqualisa Digital Showers

    Aqualisa Digital Showers

    70 products
    From £318.90
  2. Aqualisa Mixer Showers

    Aqualisa Mixer Showers

    17 products
    From £139.85
  3. Aqualisa Power Showers

    Aqualisa Power Showers

    3 choices
    From £399.99
  4. Aqualisa Electric Showers

    Aqualisa Electric Showers

    18 products
    From £79.99
  5. Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers

    Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers

    30 products
    From £459.00
  6. Aqualisa Aquastream Power Showers

    Aqualisa Aquastream Power Showers

    3 choices
    From £399.99
  7. Aqualisa Visage Digital Mixer Showers

    Aqualisa Visage Digital Showers

    10 choices
    From £318.90
  8. Aqualisa Quartz Electric Showers

    Aqualisa Quartz Electric Showers

    8 choices
    From £142.00
  9. aqualisa-midas-mixer-showers

    Aqualisa Midas Showers

    8 choices
    From £139.85
  10. aqualisa-dream-mixer-showers

    Aqualisa Dream Mixer Showers

    3 choices
    From £299.00
  11. Aqualisa Colt Mixer Showers

    Aqualisa Colt Mixer Showers

    2 choices
    From £199.99
  12. aqualisa-aspire-mixers-showers

    Aqualisa Aspire Mixers Showers

    2 choices
    From £303.49
  13. aqualisa-siren-mixer-showers

    Aqualisa Siren Mixer Showers

    2 choices
    From £228.99
  14. aqualisa-lumi-showers

    Aqualisa Lumi Electric Showers

    4 choices
    From £272.12
  15. aqualisa-vitalise-electric-showers

    Aqualisa Vitalise Electric Showers

    2 choices
    From £79.99
  16. aqualisa-q-digital-smart-showers

    Aqualisa Q Digital Smart Showers

    16 products
    From £522.00
  17. aqualisa-isys-digital-showers

    Aqualisa iSys Digital Showers

    12 choices
    From £419.96
  18. aqualisa-sassi-electric-showers

    Aqualisa Sassi Electric Showers

    2 choices
    From £199.97
  19. aqualisa-aquastyle-electric-showers

    Aqualisa Aquastyle Electric Showers

    2 choices
    From £89.97
  20. Aqualisa Shower Valves

    Aqualisa Shower Valves

    13 choices
    From £259.99
  21. Aqualisa Accessories

    Aqualisa Accessories

    1 choices
    From £29.41
  22. Aqualisa Shower Spares

    Aqualisa Shower Spares

    12 choices
    From £37.30