Triton Showers

The Great British shower company, Triton showers are manufactured in the UK. Many installers and homeowners swear by Triton and believe a bathroom isn’t complete without one; this shows just how much of an impact this British company has had on the bathrooms throughout the UK. Since May of 1975 Triton has been constantly pushing the boundaries of showering; transforming it from a simple, mandatory wash into a memorable, invigorating daily occurrence. This eager need to continue improving and producing innovative products has led Triton break into the realm of the top shower manufacturers alongside the likes of Mira and other prestigious names.

  1. Triton Electric Showers

    Triton Electric Showers

    39 products
    From £94.95
  2. Triton Mixer Showers

    Triton Mixer Showers

    17 products
    From £73.94
  3. triton-home-digital-showers

    Triton Home Digital Showers

    9 choices
    From £59.94
  4. Triton Power Showers

    Triton Power Showers

    1 choices
    From £129.99
  5. Triton Aspirante Electric Showers

    Triton Aspirante Electric Showers

    8 choices
    From £118.96
  6. triton-amore-electric-showers

    Triton Amore Electric Showers

    6 choices
    From £154.99
  7. Triton AS2000 Showers

    Triton AS2000 Showers

    1 choices
    From £129.99
  8. Triton T80z Showers

    Triton T80z Showers

    7 choices
    From £94.95
  9. Triton T100 Showers

    Triton T100 Showers

    3 choices
    From £136.99
  10. Triton T90xr Showers

    Triton T90xr Showers

    2 choices
    From £234.99
  11. Triton T80si Showers

    Triton T80si Pumped Electric Showers (For Low Mains Water Pressure)

    1 choices
    From £187.99
  12. triton-t150-electric-showers

    Triton T150+ Electric Showers

    2 choices
    From £229.98
  13. triton-omnicare-electric-showers

    Triton Omnicare Electric Showers

    5 choices
    From £46.30
  14. Triton Shower Spares

    Triton Shower Spares

    2 choices
    From £24.97
  15. triton-accessories

    Triton Accessories

    16 products
    From £34.99