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The Great British shower company, Triton showers are manufactured in the UK. Many installers and homeowners swear by Triton and believe a bathroom isn’t complete without one; this shows just how much of an impact this British company has had on the bathrooms throughout the UK. Since May of 1975 Triton has been constantly pushing the boundaries of showering; transforming it from a simple, mandatory wash into a memorable, invigorating daily occurrence. This eager need to continue improving and producing innovative products has led Triton break into the realm of the top shower manufacturers alongside the likes of Mira and other prestigious names.

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Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - White Gloss 9.5kW

Love my Aspirante!

This is the first electric shower I've bought so I was a little nervous, I knew the pressure sacrifice would be hard but the saving in not heating an entire tank of water for my daily shower hopefully would be worth it. I was right, there is a loss of pressure but going for the 9kw version helped and you get used to it very quickly. I love the look and the ease of control with the Aspirante, it delivers everything an electric shower twice its price does and even has a little filter you can empty that collects limescale if in hard water areas, something only the really expensive units seem to offer. I chose the white model, it looks fabulous and after a month and no cleaning as such, shows no sign of being anything but brand new. Plumbworld's website is amazing, seeing a video of each product enabled me to make a fast informed decision on what to buy and they shipped my order quickly, I did not pay extra for speedy delivery and it arrived within 48 hours. All in all I'm over the moon with my choice of shower and the service offered by Plumbworld.


Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower 7.5kW - White & Chrome

Good value shower

We bought this shower as our other shower, a Triton started the 'burning' smell so we needed to replace quickly. We could only have a max 7.5kW and these are harder to find than you think and could not afford to change all the wires in our house. Luckily I came across this website and knew of plumbworld as I ordered taps for my new bathroom refit last year, so knew that i was getting good service and good value. This is a brilliant shower, easy to use and easy to install (I got someone to install mine as I'm not good at that sort of thing!) It is much better than the one I was replacing. I like the little shower head removal tool to actually clean inside the head. It covered over the older one, which I was happy with as did not want any marks on the wall. As for plumbworld, wow, brilliant customer services, email updates all the time and really quick delivery. Would recommend this shower and Plumbworld to anyone. This is how customer service should be.

Hayley Vazquez

Triton Tank-fed Pumped Electric Shower T90xr 9.5kW White/Chrome

Great reliable product

We needed a value shower caable of operating at low inlet pressure. The T90Xr fits the bill and was easy to fit and commission. We have been using it for some time without significant issue and would recommend to anyone requiring a value product for low pressure applications. The only issue we had was the anti scald mechanism cuts in if you simply switch off at the end of the shower due to temperature overshoot in the small heated tank. This meant that the shower ran ice cold for the next person to use it unless he-she waits for some minutes for the trip to reset. However, Triton had to err on the side of safety here and the small problem can be overcome with a simple procedure. Just push the shower head away and turn the heater control to cold at the end of your shower. When the water runs cold, then turn the pump off and the shower will work fine for the next shower even if it follows immediately after yours.


Triton Tank-fed Pumped Electric Shower T90xr 9.5kW White/Chrome

Perfect for the job

The Triton T90xr was for us a replacement for a previous Triton model which had itself lasted over 20 years in a hard-water area. The installation was straightforward. The product is so much better than expected - obviously Triton has been improving it over the years. It is smart to look at, easy to use, and the variable shower head is great, whether you want a gentle cascade or a strong spray which is really going to get the shampoo residue out of long hair, plus several other spray options. The height of the shower head is simple to adjust one-handed with an easy one-button release. You even get a neat soap dish. Having set your preferred temperature, just one button turns the water flow on and off. If what you had last time is too warm or not warm enough a small twist of the simple dial gives you exactly what you need. I would confidently recommend this item to anyone with less than wonderful water pressure.

Northants Nyad

Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - Gun Metal 8.5kW

excellent company, great purchase

Really pleased with shower and with plumbworld service on this occasion. 1. Shower looks really smart, gun metal colour suits room with chrome fittings, better appearance than brushed steel for me. Build quality is ok, wee bit more flimsy than expected but its only sitting still on a wall, so all good! Ours replaced an old triton of the same power but bigger showerhead seems to improve the feel of the water flow. 2. Plumbworldservice and value far surpassed expectations. I ordered the wrong colour initially, and despite despatch already underway, customer service rep responded immediately by email, cancelling order, avoiding any additional delivery charge. Full marks for customer focus. Having trust in an online company purchase is so important and I am very impressed with plumbworld.


Triton AS2000XT Aqua Sensation Thermostatic Power Shower

Triton As2000XT Power Shower

This shower looks good and operates well. I like the glossy, sleek design. It turned a pretty pathetic gravity shower into one delivering more than enough water, with adequate control. The instructions were very clear and comprehensive, although the unit was awkward to fit with respect to the H&C water push fit connections (I used the rear entry ones so that the pipes were not in view). This was because the work space was so tiny and the pipe connections are very close to the back of the unit. It would be easier if the water inlets were an inch or two further way from the back face. This is exacerbated as this operation needs to be done at least twice and more if you get a leak. I had trouble getting beyond the test phase and had to call for an engineer. The problem turned out to be bent contacts on the lead connection between the front to the control module. The plug that you need to connect is not a positive connection and the male pins move out of line very easily. The shower pump is a lot noisier than I expected - something of a disappointment.


Triton AS2000XT Aqua Sensation Thermostatic Power Shower

Good value power shower

The unit is well built and is performing more or less to expectation (I had read other reviews about the operation being noisy). It is noisy and can be heard throughout the whole house, despite putting loft insulation in the false wall I built to dampen the noise. Rear pipe entry is not well designed - the section which has to be cut away to accommodate the pipes includes removing one of the fixing holes so anchorage is compromised. Also I was surprised that no moulded seal is provided for the back of the unit to prevent water running behind it into screw holes and pipe entry points. I made my own foam seal and finished with silicone but theres a thin edge at the very top of the unit which is difficult to seal effectively especially due to the missing screw fixing point. Nevertheless the family is now delighted with a much more effective shower and it gets used several times a day.


Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower 10.5kW - White & Chrome

Ideal replacement for Triton Opal 2

Bought the Triton T80Z Fast Fit 10.5kW Electric Shower to replace an older and now discontinued Opal 2 10Kw unit. The footprint is similar to the Opal2 so the original two holes were covered so no need for filling, just two new holes to drill. Plumbing in was easy, using existing pipework and a new copper olive in the joint. Wiring was a bit trickier as it came in from a side boxing next to the Opal 2 unit and entered into the top of the original unit, so had to reroute it down and in through the bottom of the new one. Fortunately I could pull enough cable through the box section that it came in from so this may be something to be aware of when replacing a unit rather than a new installation. Once installed and professionally tested, works a treat, easy to use, and satisfied it was a suitable choice and replacement.

Old Kernow Lad

Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower 10.5kW - White & Chrome

Nice shower, simple to fit

I bought this to replace an old T80Si so I already new it was a good, reliable shower. It's a simple job to fit with a variety of entry holes for pipework and wiring but I did need to re-plumb a little as the inlet connection now has a 90 degree elbow. I also had to drill new fixing holes as they are now in new locations but as it is larger than the T80Si this did not create any problems. In all, about an hour to remove and replace the existing shower. I was fortunate enough to already have a 10 amp supply in place. Unfortunately I could not use the new rail for the shower head as the fixings are completely different and it would have left me with 6 holes in my tiles to fill. Since fitting it has performed perfectly as you would expect.

Aidyn Flynn

Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - Riviera Sand 9.5kW

Good looking

After much searching and deliberations plumbed for the Aspirante,thus far it appears our choice was the right one,the shower is indeed good looking & matches well with the new tiling it also performs better than we had hoped indeed on one particular setting it feels as though someones throwing needles at you,I feel sure this is aided by good water pressure & correctly cabled (10mm + safety aps )what else can I say,the only down side is the back housing which is white & does sort of spoil the job for a aipeth of tar so it`s off to the paint store for a match pot,I do hope this review is a help as there is little or no reviews on this product,we sort of took the view something looking that good can`t be all bad ( watch this space!).