Water Conditioners

If you want to improve the performance and longevity of your water utilities, then a water conditioner is an excellent choice. The conditioner is easily installed into the existing mains water supply line, with the catalytic alloy core inside the conditioner working hard to prevent the formation of hard limescale deposits. This ensures efficient performance and a lengthened lifespan for boilers, cylinders and kettles in the home. There are three sizes to choose from, so you’re able to find the right one for you as they are adaptable to all plumbing systems and flow rates.

The unique process works as the water is being pumped through the system. After installing the conditioner in-line with the incoming mains water supply (just after the stopcock), the catalytic alloy core will automatically convert the calcium carbonate in the water into microscopic crystals. Due to their diminutive size and non-adhesive properties, these crystals then simply float in the water and do not stick to any surfaces, resulting in clean kettles, cylinders and boilers which won’t suffer a build-up of limescale. This, in turn, ensures that they will remain operational and efficient for many years without a problem.

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