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Whirlpool Baths

Whirlpool baths (or Jaccuzi baths) are a great source of relaxation, turning bathroom suites into a home spa, gently or vigorously massaging your body until you’re totally and utterly soothed. A great experience after the gym or a stressful day at work. We have two different types of Hydrotherapy bath, the Whirlpool range and the Air Spa range. The difference is that the Air Spa Whirlpool baths come with extra, unobtrusive air jets positioned along the base of the bath to create greater turbulence within the water and give a more powerful and relaxing experience.

Standard Whirlpool Baths vs Air Spa Whirlpool Baths

Standard Whirlpool

Horizontal jets as standard for a gentle introduction to Whirlpool bathing

Air Spa Whirlpool

Horizontal and vertical jets for a more immersive Whirlpool bathing experience

Standard Whirlpool
Air Spa Whirlpool
  1. vitura-6-jet-whirlpool-baths

    Vitura 6-Jet Whirlpool Baths

    14 choices
    From £419.00
  2. vitura-10-jet-whirlpool-baths

    Vitura 10-Jet Whirlpool Baths

    14 choices
    From £589.00
  3. vitura-22-jet-whirlpool-baths

    Vitura 22-Jet Whirlpool Baths

    14 choices
    From £879.00
  4. vitura-26-jet-air-spa-whirlpool-baths

    Vitura 26-Jet Air Spa Whirlpool Baths

    13 choices
    From £999.00
  5. vitura-34-jet-air-spa-whirlpool-baths

    Vitura 34-Jet Air Spa Whirlpool Baths

    14 choices
    From £1,199.00
  6. vitura-46-jet-air-spa-whirlpool-baths

    Vitura 46-Jet Air Spa Whirlpool Baths

    13 choices
    From £1,999.00