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Why put up with the mess of paper towels or rolling linen in your work’s toilets when you could have an easy, breezy, and luxurious drying experience? Hot air hand dryers are a quicker and more environmentally friendly solution to your hand drying problems, ensuring your hands stay clean in the process of drying. Simply fit it once onto a wall and then forget about it, offering a perfect, quick solution to the problem of washroom hand drying, especially in commercial buildings!

Boasting a compact size so they won’t hog up too much space, these hand dryers are perfect for smaller workplace cloakrooms or larger washrooms. These ‘handy’ dryers are also far more hygienic than using a paper towel, with enhanced functions such as ecoDRY to conveniently activate the drying process without having to touch the dryer at all! That way, the hand dryer continues to stay germ-free, and your hands remain fresh and clean, too. These dryers also allow you plenty of time for drying, with some offering a run time of up to 20 seconds, so your hands will be completely dry by the time you walk out of the washroom. This also ensures that electricity is conserved, resulting in a lower energy bill.

These units are incredibly powerful, quiet and also dry your hands in next to no time. They are also very hygienic, with non-touch automatic sensors to operate the drying cycle. So, say goodbye to paper towel mess and weekly visits from the laundry man with a hot air hand dryer.

Each of our hand dryers is made from high-quality materials, ensuring they’ll stand the test of time and usage. What’s more, our hand dryers come with a fantastic guarantee for some added peace of mind.

Discover our full range of hand dryers below. 

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