Bath Taps

Of all the bathroom taps the bath tap has the greatest number of different types. The bath filler is the simplest, a hot and cold control feeding a single outlet that mixes the water before it enters the bath. The bath shower mixer has a diverter that allows the mixed water to be directed to a shower handset on the end of a hose. This is used for washing hair without needing a full shower. Bath pillar taps are seperate taps for hot and cold water. All types can also be mounted directly on the bath, on the wall or as freestanding taps on standpipes. The freestanding taps are popular with freestanding baths.

  1. Bath Mixer Taps

    From £14.97
    with 35 choices

    Bath Mixer Taps
  2. Bath Shower Mixer Taps

    From £38.97
    with 42 choices

    Bath Shower Mixer Taps
  3. Bath Pillar Taps (Pairs)

    From £11.97
    with 19 choices

    Bath Pillar Taps (Pairs)
  4. Wall Mounted Taps

    From £32.97
    with 3 choices

    Wall Mounted Taps
  5. Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Taps

    From £134.97
    with 3 choices

    Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Taps


Aqualisa Midas 110 Exposed Bath Shower Mixer - MD110BSM

A really great buy

I bought this item as we have a small child and with having the built in thermostat its safer as the water doesnt get too hot and stays a consistent temperature. It was incredibly easy to install, looks great and were really pleased with it. The delivery was super quick and wed definitely use this company again!