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Shower Accessories

Buying a new shower can be quite the investment so it’s always annoying when parts wear out, tarnish or break. Because of this we like to ensure that as many accessories are purchasable from our shower spares section, these include shower hoses, handsets, heads, grips and of course riser rails. They can bring a completely new lease of life back into your shower without breaking the bank which is always a bonus!

  1. Mains Water Booster Pumps

    Mains Water Booster Pumps

    15 products
    From £197.39
  2. shower-heads

    Shower Heads

    20 products
    From £19.99
  3. shower-handsets

    Shower Handsets

    46 products
    From £9.49
  4. shower-kits

    Shower Kits

    32 products
    From £18.99
  5. shower-riser-rails

    Shower Riser Rails

    9 choices
    From £29.98
  6. shower-hoses

    Shower Hoses

    22 products
    From £8.49
  7. shower-hose-wall-elbows

    Shower Hose Wall Elbows

    4 choices
    From £10.49
  8. shower-head-holders

    Shower Head Holders

    14 choices
    From £7.49
  9. Shower Curtains

    Shower Curtains

    14 choices
    From £14.99
  10. shower-curtain-rails

    Shower Curtain Rails

    8 choices
    From £17.02
  11. Shower Caddies Shower Caddy

    Shower Caddies

    27 products
    From £9.99
  12. Shower Wastes

    Shower Wastes

    6 choices
    From £5.99
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