Shower Accessories

If you’ve just bought a brand-new, sparkling shower, it may also be time to think about the perfect accessories to go along with it. After all, a shower isn’t a shower without the finishing touches. Here at Plumbworld, we know that adding the right accessories to your shower can make a bathroom truly stand out. And that’s why we offer an extensive range of stylish, versatile, and functional shower accessories. With a range of shower spares for you to discover, from shower hoses and handsets to shower heads and riser rails; you’re sure to find the perfect shower accessory for your bathroom.

Discover everything you’ll need when it comes to creating an eye-catching, luxurious showering experience in your home. Explore our range of practical yet stylish shower heads, perfect for adding an extra touch of luxury to your shower. Designed by the leading manufacturers in the shower industry, our range of shower heads offer an experience like no other. From convenient hand held showers to stylish wall and ceiling mounted shower heads, there truly is a shower head for everyone; each with its own innovative features and style.

You’ll also find a wide range of stylish shower screens, perfect for keeping your bathroom floor dry as you shower. Our glass shower screens are an ideal addition to any bathroom, and with a range of designs and finishes for you to choose from, including square over bath shower screens and folding shower screens; you’ll be spoilt for choice!

We also know that as time goes on, accessories and fixings are prone to wear and tear and will need replacing in your shower. That’s why we also offer an extensive range of shower spares to help fix any broken or worn parts. You’ll also find convenient shower pumps and shower wastes to complete your new shower. 

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  1. shower-heads

    Shower Heads

    100 products
    From £4.82
  2. Shower Screens

    Shower Screens

    120 products
    From £59.97
  3. Shower Caddies Shower Caddy

    Shower Caddies

    28 products
    From £9.29
  4. Shower Wastes

    Shower Wastes

    7 choices
    From £7.29
  5. shower-kits

    Shower Kits

    33 products
    From £29.97
  6. shower-hoses

    Shower Hoses

    21 products
    From £10.49
  7. shower-head-holders

    Shower Head Holders

    5 choices
    From £17.79
  8. shower-riser-rails

    Shower Riser Rails

    5 choices
    From £34.82
  9. Shower Curtains

    Shower Curtains

    8 choices
    From £13.49
  10. shower-curtain-rails

    Shower Curtain Rails

    5 choices
    From £7.39
  11. shower seats

    Shower Seats

    20 products
    From £76.90
  12. Shower Boosting Pumps

    Shower Pumps

    90 products
    From £13.52
  13. shower-cleaning

    Shower Cleaning

    6 choices
    From £11.13
  14. back-rests

    Back Rests

    5 choices
    From £74.92
  15. digital-shower-accessories

    Digital Shower Accessories

    15 products
    From £131.99
  16. shower-spares

    Shower Spares

    27 products
    From £14.99
  17. shower-hose-wall-elbows

    Shower Hose Wall Elbows

    7 choices
    From £11.99
  18. Bar Shower Mixer Fixing Kits

    Bar Shower Mixer Fixing Kits

    2 choices
    From £14.97