Shower Head Holders

Is your shower head or handset doing that annoying thing where it slowly slides down the riser rail until it collides with the top of your head? Or maybe it’s flopping forward constantly so you end up spending most of your shower supporting it for optimum coverage? Either way it has to stop and there’s an easy way to do it. Purchase one of our new Shower Head Holders Grips and stop your shower frustrations today!

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  2. bristan-casino-shower-head-holder-slider-bracket-with-twist-lever

    Bristan Casino Shower Head Holder Slider Bracket with Twist Lever

  3. bristan-shower-head-slider-holder-bracket-100-with-push-button

    Bristan Shower Head Slider Holder Bracket 100 with Push Button

  4. aqualisa-shower-head-holder-pinch-grip-25mm-chrome

    Aqualisa Shower Head Holder (Pinch Grip) 25mm Chrome

    Was £ 26.63

    Save 12%

    £ 23.37

    In Stock
  5. mira-logic-slide-rail-clamp-shower-head-holder-chrome

    Mira Logic Shower Head Holder - Chrome 2.1605.128

  6. mira-grab-rail-clamp-bracket

    Best Seller!

    Mira Grab Rail Shower Head Holder 2.1888.007

  7. aqualisa-shower-head-holder-pinch-grip-25mm-satin-chrome

    Aqualisa Shower Head Holder (Pinch Grip) 25mm Satin Chrome

    Was £ 37.54

    Save 7%

    £ 34.99

    In Stock
  8. hansgrohe-pulsify-s-260-shower-head-wall-connecter

    hansgrohe Pulsify S 260 Shower Head Wall Connecter

  9. mira-reflex-clamp-bracket

    Mira Reflex Shower Head Holder 1.421.43.2.0

  10. hansgrohe-pulsify-s-105-shower-head-wall-connecter

    hansgrohe Pulsify S 105 Shower Head Wall Connecter