Power Showers

Power showers are somewhere between the regular mixer shower and an electric shower. Also known as a pumped showers they offer a middle ground solution for households with low water pressure. This type of shower has a built-in electrical pump in order to increase the flow rate by providing a stronger jet of water, which in turn makes the showering experience much more invigorating. This increased flow of water makes them a popular choice for those who seek relaxation and a massage-type effect from their shower. They rely on a tank-fed, gravity based water system in order to increase the pressure and provide a refreshing shower.
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    Triton Silent Running Thermostatic Power Shower White/Chrome - AS2000SR

  3. Aqualisa Aquastream Thermostatic Power Shower White & Chrome - 813.40.21

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  8. Aqualisa Aquastream Thermostatic Power Shower White

  9. Mira Event XS Power Shower White & Chrome

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  11. Bristan Hydropower Thermostatic Power Shower White - HY POWSHX W

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Aqualisa Aquastream Thermostatic Power Shower White & Chrome - 813.40.21

Excellent Product

Bought this Aqualisa shower from Plumbworld as they were offering the most competitive price and have used them several times in past and always rec'd great service . We already had the same shower which has lasted nearly 15 years without any probs and only bought a new one because we decided to update our bathroom. Looks smart, is compact and you get the benefit of a power shower without the expense of having to buy a separate pump etc

Noah Gould


Power Showers Give a Luxurious Experience

Power showers provide a fantastic showering experience every single time you step into one thanks to the inbuilt pump which increases the pressure and flow of water. This turns the average low-pressure dull shower into a memorable experience that will freshen you up every morning ready for the day ahead or relax you after a long day at work. The luxury is re-enforced by the stunning looks which are now becoming even more suitably styled for the bathroom. No need to compromise on looks to get a top quality shower; now you can get the best of both worlds in a single package.

Eco Features & Settings

A lot of power showers offered by Plumbworld incorporate eco-settings to help you maintain your green credential. While it does use more water than an electric shower; they do in fact pull back some points with a variety of eco functions which allow the user to decrease power if required. There are also features built into a lot of shower heads which provide further water saving settings; especially useful if you want to save money without sacrificing a quality showering experience.

Maximum Control

In comparison to a regular mixer shower, they give the user much more control over the temperature, water pressure, and individual settings. From the moment you step in until the moment you step out, you’re in full control of everything. Whether you want to have a gentle cold shower or a full-force hot shower – it’s up to you!

Thermostatic Options for Power Showers

This option is another reason why these are one of the best choices for your bathroom. Not only does it offer the ability to maintain a specific temperature, but it also provides a much more efficient and safer experience for everyone who uses it. Any fluctuations in temperature or pressure are dealt with immediately by altering the mix of hot and cold water to ensure you don’t notice any changes in the temperature. This means that even if people flush the toilet or run the taps while you’re showering, you won’t know! 

They also offer an automatic shut off feature in case your cold water feed fails and only scalding hot water flows through the system. Before the hot water makes it through the head, the shower will turn off completely ensuring neither you nor your family  run the risk of getting burnt. 

Power Showers Explained Further...

These showers work in much the same way as mixer showers, they combine water from the cold and hot supplies. The difference is that they have a built-in pump. This strengthens the flow - great if your home has low water pressure.

Power Showers

Power showers are designed to work with gravity-fed or low-pressure water systems, instantly boosting the flow and resulting ione of the best and most invigorating showers you've had.

Installation is less fiddly than buying a separate pump to bolster a standard mixer shower, but you are limited to the power of the in-built pump. If you want the most powerful shower possible and you have little water pressure then a more heavy-duty, stand-alone pump will give you a better result.

Many people use the term “Power Shower” when what they want is a powerful shower! This can often be achieved more efficiently with a mixer system fitted to a high-pressure domestic water system or a mixer system with a stand alone shower pump for low-pressure systems.



  • Higher flow rate gives powerful showering experience on low-pressure systems
  • Thermostatic control offers added safety and protects you from scalding
  • Cheaper than buying a mixer shower with pump
  • Installation is easier than a mixer shower



  • Need to ensure that you get the correct type for your water system
  • Require hot and cold water supply so if replacing an electric shower will need more plumbing work
  • Use more water than electric showers
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