When it comes to this power shower, the clue is very much in the name. Just one session underneath this power shower will leave you feeling vigorous; full of energy for the day ahead or ensuring you finish a hard day with a relaxed set of muscles. It blends superior performance with a superior low price point, creating the ideal shower for just about anyone.

Craft your perfect shower with minimal fuss with the included 5-mode shower head. It’s a different showering experience – each and every time!

Features and Benefits:

  • Thermostatic version - keeps the shower temperature safe and stable.
  • Control the flow and temperature of your shower individually with separate controls for your ideal blend.
  • Fully variable flexible flow control lets you select from a low economical flow through to a high-flowing invigorating shower.
  • Shower handset features 5 glorious spray patterns for different showering experiences. The nozzles can be cleaned with a simple rub, keeping limescale at bay.
  • White and chrome finish
  • Compatible for use with gravity fed hot and cold water supplies.
  • Includes a 1-year manufacturer guarantee.


Please Note:

This model is designed for use on a gravity fed water system as it incorporates a built-in pump for extra power. This should NOT be used on a high pressure system.

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CE Approved

Mira Vigour Power Shower Thermostatic White & Chrome Video


Techincal Drawings

Mira Vigour Power Shower Thermostatic White & Chrome

£177.44 (Inc. VAT)

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Mira Vigour Power Shower Thermostatic White & Chrome Reviews

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4.7/ 5
302 reviews
  • Helen F
    5/ 5

    Eek! My Mira Event power shower suddenly went Kaput (not what a single lady needs), and the plumber blithely said on the phone, Oh,just buy another and Ill be round in a week to fit it. So first I went into a local plumbers merchants - where I felt distinctly out of place and they quoted me an astronomical price. Next, onto the internet I went, still barely even knowing how to spell the word MIRA. But I need not have worried! The Plumbworld website was just what was needed. I found the Vigour, a much cheaper but virtually identical model for almost a third of the price quoted locally for the Event, and thanks to all the info in the website was able to order it easily and confidently! The product literally arrived the next day, in solid packaging, and Bingo, the plumber fitted it in the time it took to drink a cup of tea, and without having to move anything or leave holes in the tiling, and normal service was resumed. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the shower. And also I commend the excellent service from Plumbworld - what stands out is that you dont need to be a hardened DIY-handyman to find what you need, and you get good service regardless of who you are or what youre buying, which is great. Pats on the back all round.

  • Presley Curtis
    5/ 5

    Having had a Mira Event (model T) for some time, when that finally died I had concerns about replacing it - mainly as the pipework comes down through the bathroom ceiling. Checking with other suppliers didn't help me any, but a quick check on the Web produced this supplier. Not only was I able to check out the manual on line (and see the very minor fitting differences) but I was also able to confirm that this replacement shower unit could take pipework coming down from above. As to the unit itself? Apart from the more attractive, cosmetic changes to the case, and the need to re-drill two of the mounting points to match up with the new motor support chassis, it was a simple and easy replacement. On the up-side. The unit is more quiet and less bulky in some respects. On the down side. The new shower head has a wider fitting, and different holder bar. Easily solved by keeping the old head (etc) All in all, a perfect replacement at a killer price

  • Leakman
    5/ 5

    After placing my order online, i literally blinked and my new shower was here, well done Plumbworld, excellent speedy service ! Taking it out the box revealed a lovely new shiney unit which is replacing my moisy tired shower force after 9 years of service. Couldnt wait to get it fitted so off to the van and out came the tools. Fitting was a breeze, electrical and plumbing connections all easily accesable, a slight plumbing change so the new unit covered the holes left in the tiles from the old unit and hey presto......I was listening to a lovely quite shower at last ! Off with the clothes and in I was, great performance, good settings on the shower head and easy to use controls with a max heat safety feature for my young lad. Overall a great unit and a really good price from Plumbworld, no one else came close price wise !!! Thanks Plumbworld, I will shop with you again. The Leakman

  • Denis
    5/ 5

    First of all Plumbworld: I ordered the shower on the Internet on Sunday afternoon, and it was delivered on Monday morning! I couldnt believe it. Next the shower: I have another Mira thermostatic shower, a standard mains pressure 9.5kw, which is excellent. This was a low pressure H-C power shower in another bathroom. I had to reverse the hot and cold feed relative to the old shower (another brand), but that was quite easy. Apart from that fitting and commissioning completely straightfoward and simple. Works excellently, maintains rock steady temperature in safe range, very quiet compared with old kit - nice to see the thought Mira put into this with rubber wall mountings to insulate vibration etc. All in all, plumworlds price was very competitive, delivery like lightening, follow up excellent, and the shower a brilliant piece of kit. All highly recommended.