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Electric Showers Are For Everyone

Electric showers are one of the most versatile types of shower that can be installed in your bathroom. Thanks to their inbuilt heating element, they’re the only shower that doesn’t require a hot water feed and can simply run off the cold water supply and electric. Due to this unique feature, they can be used in any household plumbing system and better yet, they won’t rely on the boiler to heat the water. With a wide range of electric showers in stock from the biggest brands in the world; Mira, Triton & Aqualisa, Plumbworld will certainly have the perfect shower for you at a fantastic price to boot.

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    Electric Shower Hot Deals
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Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - Black Gloss 9.5kW

Great shower which is well worth the money

After living for several years with the shower that was in the property when we purchased it, it was a happy day when it finally gave up the ghost - the old faithful was also a triton shower but about 15 years old. So the search started for a new one and we went straight to Triton because we liked the reliability of the old one. The choices were multiple and varied and we finally decided to go for this black gloss model which we really liked the sleek modern and simple design of. It has been installed for just over 2 weeks and with 5 of us in the house is used daily numerous times. It is a great shower, the buttons are easy to use and the power and water flow are great. Each of us like a different setting on the shower head and the sleek look of the shower really finishes the bathroom off. In fact we are now considering retiling the bathroom so that it matches the shower! I cant praise this shower enough. The price is really good for what you get. In fact our plumber when he installed it was really impressed with the quality of the shower. If there was one thing I was going to criticize it would be that the black gloss on the shower face needs drying between each use to keep it looking nice but that is a very small criticism which I am happy to live with to keep this lovely and stylish shower looking its best.

Aspirante shower in black gloss

Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - Gun Metal 8.5kW

The Glamour Shower!

Well, it was fate! I was due to have my bathroom refitted and the day before this my previous shower stopped working. Hence this purchase. I researched many showers online and thought I was going to have to settle for something at such short notice with the bathroom fitting commencing the following day. However, when I saw this I fell in love and I knew the sophisticated design would just set the finishing touch! It just got better, the price on this website is a bargain compared to the price I found on other sites, the design is sleek and stylish for a modern day bathroom, and it looks gorgeous when the LEDs are lit up when in use, with a fantastic range of head adjustments on the spray. A thoroughly happy customer, with a last minute panic purchase, with a next day delivery option that suited my circumstances, and a shower at a great affordable price! Love it! The only thing I struggled with before purchasing was which colour to go for! So much choice and great to see such a range, it meant I could match it with my bathroom accessories! A very happy customer. The after care emails to see if everything is okay with the purchase is nice to see as well. You dont find many companys who go to that level of customer service.


Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - White Gloss 9.5kW

Love my Aspirante!

This is the first electric shower I've bought so I was a little nervous, I knew the pressure sacrifice would be hard but the saving in not heating an entire tank of water for my daily shower hopefully would be worth it. I was right, there is a loss of pressure but going for the 9kw version helped and you get used to it very quickly. I love the look and the ease of control with the Aspirante, it delivers everything an electric shower twice its price does and even has a little filter you can empty that collects limescale if in hard water areas, something only the really expensive units seem to offer. I chose the white model, it looks fabulous and after a month and no cleaning as such, shows no sign of being anything but brand new. Plumbworld's website is amazing, seeing a video of each product enabled me to make a fast informed decision on what to buy and they shipped my order quickly, I did not pay extra for speedy delivery and it arrived within 48 hours. I also loved that I could use Paypal for my purchase. All in all I'm over the moon with my choice of shower and the service offered by Plumbworld.


Triton AS2000XT Aqua Sensation Thermostatic Power Shower

Brilliant value for money if you can deal with the noise

I purchased and installed this shower unit, simple installation and a good looking unit. The price is excellent value for money for a power shower with good performance and a multi-setting riser and rail included to boot. It looks functional (which it is) but is not a high end unit (which it doesnt pretend to be). The big downside is the noise the unit generates, not unexpected from a pumped shower unit, but could be annoying for some users. However we solved at least 50% of the noise by lining the inside of the rather flimsy housing with some sticky flexible acoustimat (usually used for sound damping in car stereo installations). This worked a treat and cut the noise hugely. If budget is an issue - as it was for me, I would recommend this unit for a great value solution to problematic low pressure in your shower if you have a gravity fed system. Would also be handy for house sellers looking to put in a quick selling point for a small outlay. The unit comes with a 1 year guarantee, which is slightly disappointing from triton as many of their products normally carry a 3 year guarantee.


Triton T80si Pumped Electric Shower 8.5kW

Triton T80Si pumped electric shower

We needed a pumped electric shower, suitable for over bath siting and with cold water feed only. I’m not a professional, so did quite a bit of research to find what I hoped would be the right unit. The Triton T80Si seemed to fit the bill, and I recognised the brand as quality, so my next step was to find the best offer. I’m pleased to say that in competitive price, ease of ordering, prompt (ahead of schedule) delivery and quality, everything lived up to or exceeded our expectations. The shower unit was easy and quick to install and commission, with clear instructions. If I had a suggestion, it would be for some more flexibility of entry points at the rear for the electric supply, but that wasn’t really difficult to solve. We’re delighted with the result. The Triton unit looks quality, and enhances the look of our bathroom. It delivers a constant water flow and temperature, despite the low water pressure supply. I would wholeheartedly recommend both this product, and Plumbworld’s service.

Welsh Guy