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Electric showers are one of the most versatile types of shower that can be installed in your bathroom. Thanks to their inbuilt heating element, they’re the only shower that doesn’t require a hot water feed and can simply run off the cold water supply and electric. Due to this unique feature, they can be used in any household plumbing system and better yet, they won’t rely on the boiler to heat the water. With a wide range of electric showers in stock from the biggest brands in the world; Mira, Triton & Aqualisa, Plumbworld will certainly have the perfect shower for you at a fantastic price to boot.

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    Electric Shower Hot Deals
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Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 9.0kW White & Chrome

Excellent product, price and delivery time. Cannot ask for more than that.

I bought this item to replace an obscenely expensive shiny shower (over £500!) that my wife insisted on when we had our bathroom done a few years back and which proved to be one of my biggest wastes of money for both purchase cost and fixing defects (out of warranty of course). The shiny shower finally gave up the ghost completely a while back, but it took a while for my wife to get totally fed up with the kids traipsing in every morning to use our en-suite shower. Reached tipping point recently so time for a new shower... Having done a load of research and having discovered to my horror that the 10.8kW shiny shower the better half chose back then should have had specialist cabling (anything over 9.0kW needs >6mm core!) and none was ever fitted (nor were we advised in our naivete that it was needed), I came upon the Mira Sport Max 9.0kW with Airboost technology. The reviews were good in the on-line forums and a number of sites indicated it is the No. 1 selling shower in the UK. I can understand if that is true due to the key word above being Airboost. The shower has a special fitting inside the hose that can pump air under pressure to the head and the water comes out with MUCH more power when the Airboost is enabled, even though no more water is being pumped than with Airboost disabled. The guy that fitted it said Wow! when he switched it on and said he would definitely be recommending it to his undecided customers. Very pleased with this purchase, with plumbworld handling of my order and delivery speed. This was the cheapest I could find on the Web at time of purchase and that was the standard price, i.e. no promotional discounts. Would definitely use plumbworld again.


Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - Black Gloss 9.5kW

Great shower which is well worth the money

After living for several years with the shower that was in the property when we purchased it, it was a happy day when it finally gave up the ghost - the old faithful was also a triton shower but about 15 years old. So the search started for a new one and we went straight to Triton because we liked the reliability of the old one. The choices were multiple and varied and we finally decided to go for this black gloss model which we really liked the sleek modern and simple design of. It has been installed for just over 2 weeks and with 5 of us in the house is used daily numerous times. It is a great shower, the buttons are easy to use and the power and water flow are great. Each of us like a different setting on the shower head and the sleek look of the shower really finishes the bathroom off. In fact we are now considering retiling the bathroom so that it matches the shower! I cant praise this shower enough. The price is really good for what you get. In fact our plumber when he installed it was really impressed with the quality of the shower. If there was one thing I was going to criticize it would be that the black gloss on the shower face needs drying between each use to keep it looking nice but that is a very small criticism which I am happy to live with to keep this lovely and stylish shower looking its best.

Aspirante shower in black gloss

Mira Sport Electric Shower 9kW White & Chrome

An exceptionally good shower

I purchased a Mira Sport Electric Shower about 12 years ago and it has been used almost every day since then. As we live in a very hard water area, most of our items become 'scaled' over time and the same thing happened to the shower, although it still worked but not as efficiently as before. A plumber friend checked it and said he could get replacement parts for the shower but I thought it a better idea to replace it with a new shower of the same model. The plumber told me of Plumbworld and that they were less expensive than other people plus gave a very good service. Just before Christmas I went on the internet and ordered a new Mira Sport Shower, expecting it to take a couple of weeks to be delivered. I was amazed when the shower arrived 3 days later, phoned my plumber friend the same day and he came the following day and installed the shower in about 20 minutes. As the shower is in our second bathroom and my son and his partner now live with us, the shower gets used by them every day and they both say it is fantastic. I would recommend the Mira Sport Shower to anyone as it is a very good product and gives very good service for years and years. Also Plumbworld are definitely a company I will return to if I ever need any items in the plumbing line, and I will tell anybody that I know about them also.

Kailee Elliott

Aqualisa Quartz 9.5kW Electric Shower White & Chrome

Aqualisa Quartz 9.5KW Electric Shower

This Shower was purchased to replace a worn out unit that had served our family extremely well, on average a minimum 4 showers daily for the past 8 years. We have always insisted on Aqualisa showers in past houses that we have lived due to the simplicity of installation, but with the durability and reliability required for a fully running household of 4, with the additional extra use due to the daughters uni friends that appear at weekends now that she has returned. I fear a less able shower would not withstand the constant use that the Aqualisa has had to endure these past years with the ability to also choose the type of water spray from the shower head that the individual craves when under it. Hence the very easy decision to choose yet another Aqualisa shower. I cannot really say that there are any serious down points to the shower apart from having to replace the shower hose every now and again through shear usage, like a car tyre really, its the bit that constantly moves and wears out which needs replacing. The hoses are priced well so not a bank busting expense, the replacement shower was also very competitively priced from Plumbworld so also works out cheap for the amount of use it gets for the price paid. All I can say is well done Aqualisa and Plumbworld and thank you


Mira Sport Electric Shower 7.5kW White & Chrome

After 18 years

After 18 years good service I had to look at replacing my old Mira Sport 9kw shower. I would have liked a 9kw or higher kw Mira. The reason I chose the 7.5kw Mira Sport was due to my existing wiring not been adequate for the more powerful wattage, and as my bathroom is tiled I didnt want any mess. I also chose the Sport as it has a on-off button at the bottom of the unit making it much easier for me to reach to turn on, my old unit just had a dial. I like to feel the force of water when I shower and the shower head gives four options to choose from, there are two options I think will work fine for me. The electrician fitted the new unit without any problems, my only hitch was having to make two new holes in the tiles to move the rail a few more inches as the new unit was slightly bigger than the old one. Considering my doubts before making my decision for a replacement shower Im not disappointed with the result, my bathroom look cleaner with a whiter unit. I also must mention the excellant service of Plumworld, prices and delivery exceptional. I particularly liked the tracking of my order, I didnt have to wait in all day for the delivery man to arrive. I would not hesitate to recommend Plumbworld to my friends, or give any of them my opinion on Mira showers.