1500mm Baths

Large tubs for small bathrooms with 1500mm baths

Don’t think you’ll have your knees up around your ears in a 1500mm bath tub because they can be a lot more spacious than you’d expect, and depending on the space you have, the only option that’s available to you if you want a bath! Within our range we’ve got 1500mm single ended baths which come as a standard acrylic tub or with a brilliantly clever Whirlpool system with massage jets. Or alternatively for a bit more space you could consider one of our 1500mm corner baths, a great choice for a little extra leg movement!

  1. Ceramica Single Ended Curved Small Bath - 1500x700mm

  2. Ceramica Carla Small Steel Bath with Grip - 1500mm (Anti-Slip)

  3. Ceramica Contessa Steel Small Bath - 1500mm (Standard)

  4. Affine Operette Corner Bath Right Hand with Panel

  5. Affine Operette Corner Bath Left Hand with Panel

  6. Ceramica Curved Bath 1500mm with 8 Jet Whirlpool

    Best Seller!

    Ceramica Curved Bath 1500mm with 8 Jet Whirlpool