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Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures are by far one of the most popular fittings when it comes to corner installations. With a wide range of sizes and shapes, the quadrant is extremely compatible and will lend itself to virtually all types of bathroom. All quadrant enclosures from our comprehensive range feature sliding doors that provide simple entry in and out of the shower along with a generous entry area. Most doors are positioned in the centre of the enclosure on the corner; however some are positioned to one side or the other in order to suit your requirements. A quadrant enclosure is perfect for those who want to combine style and functionality in the bathroom.
  1. 800mm Quadrant Enclosures

    800mm Quadrant Enclosures

    14 choices
    From £149.97
  2. 900mm Quadrant Enclosures

    900mm Quadrant Enclosures

    15 products
    From £160.48
  3. 1000mm Quadrant Enclosures

    1000mm Quadrant Enclosures

    5 choices
    From £189.00