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Plumbing supplies are needed surprisingly often, whether you’re a plumber by trade or simply an avid DIY enthusiast who likes to keep all of your plumbing in tip top condition; Plumbworld have a comprehensive range of plumbing tools and essentials for every job. As a retailer focused on plumbing, making sure you’re equipped for any eventuality is what we do best and by providing high quality products you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal from a reputable company. Sacrificing quality for the sake of saving a couple of pennies here and there will only harm your equipment in the long run, so make the sensible choice and buy intelligently.

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Stuart Turner Monsoon Shower Pump 2.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head - 46415

Positive++ Pump

After looking at various pumps to replace a 30 year old used every day mira pump this one looked a decent replacement for what we wanted. The build quality of this pump is good, having brass fittings seems like a good move for pump longevity. The pump came with flexible 22mm push hose fittings, useful but we did not need these. Maybe the pump is a little more expensive than some with plastic impeller housings but now the pump is fitted and hoping the pump will last several years the price is Ok. The pump when in use is quite quiet, a lot quieter than our old pump, the noise level is very acceptable. I suspect that an antivibration mat would be a waste of time and money. We used slightly longer flexible hose fittings than those supplied that maybe helped a bit to isolate noise due to pump vibration. The power cable fitted was a bit too short for our installation and it was an easy job to replace the supplied cable with a longer one. It does not take a lot of water flow for the pump to turn on which is good. Water pressure for a single shower is a good compromise between enough pressure and not running the hot water out too quickly becuase we have a fairly small hot water tank. We have had this pump for a couple of months now, given that we do not know longer term reliability, starting again would I buy this pump again yes I would.


Salamander CT55XTRA Shower Pump 1.5 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head

A bath in no time!

This little pump is absollutely amazing - so powerful for its size! It comes with a comprehensive colour leaflet detailing the various set-ups in which it can be used. Its very solid and well built, and, at about 12 long, took up very little space and screw-fitted easily to the floor of my hot water tank cupboard, to do its job. My plumber had no problem fitting it at all, especially with the flexi pipes included, and was impressed with the pump. Some additional plumbing and electrical work was required, copper piping, wiring for the mains, and so on. You must use qualified tradesmen. Drawing a bath used to be a painfully slow process, with my hot water tank being at the same level as the bath, but not any longer! It was a pleasure to run the bath for my son this week, and he got to splash around for 10 minutes longer as a result!. Because the pump has a plug, I can switch it off and use water pressure-only to fill the bathroom or kitchen sinks if I want, thus saving electricity as well. I am so glad I bought this!


Stuart Turner Showermate Shower Pump 1.8 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head- 46407

So Far So Good!

I bought this pump to replace an old New Team Shower pump NT45 installed by British Gas many years ago and had now started to leak. One reason for choosing this pump was because the position of the inlet-outlet ports were similar to those of the existing pump. Although there was quite a bit of extra work to instal the 4 Flexi-hoses as the previous pump was plumbed in with copper pipe all the way down to the inlet-outlet ports. I found the output from the shower head to be more than enough for our requirements. Although the instruction manual states All pipework MUST be 22mm for optimum performance I was concerned to read this as our existing installation was 15mm throughout! As it turned out the performance of the shower was more than adequate, but had I known that the manufacturer was specifying 22mm pipework in the manual,(for a pump with 15mm fittings), then I wouldnt have chosen this pump because I was not wanting to change any of the existing pipework! For that reason Ive not ticked the recommend box. Anway I am happy with the pump so far(only used twice)and it is much quieter than the old one.


Typhoon Vortex 50mm Self Cleaning Shower Waste

Such a strange contraption, but boy does it work!

On opening the parcel I was a little disappointed by this item as it was instantly apparent that the grille and plug-hole components were of the budget plastic variety. However, when I ordered I suspected that this may be the case and so I had also ordered PWB651 - a really solid high quality metal plug-hole - and as I gingerly tested that the two really did fit together I started to smile as they do fit, perfectly, and so I have been able to install this with the parts that are seen and subjected to daily use substituted with the metal plug-hole and the part that does the business all very neatly under the shower tray and fitted in moments. It lives up to its name - Vortex - and gurgles a fair treat, although the fact that the water doesn't start to flow away instantly is slightly disconcerting with a power shower and shallow tray! The quality of the plastic - i.e. all of it - is really quite low for the price, but the ease of installation and convenience of being non block-able more than outweigh this and make it excellent value.

Marcos Brooks

Triton T550i 1.2 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head Shower Pump

A no-brainer really!

I fitted my previous Triton shower booster at least 15 yeas ago. It's done sterling service - for a few years serving a family of four each day, but nowadays just for my wife and I. When it finally stopped working I dreaded the thought of having to change all the pipework to suit a newer Triton model or perhaps a pump from a different manufacturer. I was surprised and delighted to learn that the same model was still available, and Plumbworld could supply it at a web-best price. Ordering on-line was simplicity itself and it arrived with Plumbworld's usual prompt and efficient manner. I'm already a fan of this company having previously purchased radiators and valves and I'm well acquainted with Plumbworld's outstanding customer service. Fitting it to the existing pipework was simplicity itself, or would have been had I not had to change a seized isolating gate-valve. My shower is working once again, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another 15 years trouble-free showering.

Kaleb Ruiz