Bathroom Taps By Style

Bathroom Taps are obviously a vital component of any bathroom, but with a myriad of different types and styles available it can be hard to choose which ones are right for you. That’s why we drill down and select the best quality taps available, as well as giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. From stylish contemporary basin mixer taps to traditionally styled bath taps; there’s a style to suit and wow everyone. As usual, we keep prices cheap too!

  1. Modern Curved Style Taps

    Modern Curved Style Taps

    124 products
    From £19.99
  2. Modern Square Style Taps

    Modern Square Style Taps

    75 products
    From £22.99
  3. Traditional Bathroom Taps

    Traditional Bathroom Taps

    43 products
    From £34.99
  4. waterfall-bathroom-taps

    Waterfall Bathroom Taps

    30 products
    From £34.97
  5. wall-mounted-basin-taps

    Wall Mounted Basin Taps

    7 choices
    From £74.99
  6. wall-mounted-bathroom-taps

    Wall Mounted Bath Taps

    5 choices
    From £49.97

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  8. Essentials Basin Mixer Tap

  9. Architeckt Misa Cloakroom Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  10. Architeckt Ibbardo Mini Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  11. Architeckt Osmo Mini Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  12. Architeckt Misa Basin Mixer Tap

  13. Architeckt Malmo Bath Taps

  14. Architeckt Malmo Basin Mixer Tap

  15. Architeckt Malmo Mini Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  16. Architeckt Boden Basin Mixer Tap

  17. Architeckt Ibbardo Basin Mixer Tap

  18. Architeckt Evedal Basin Mixer Tap

  19. Architeckt Dakota Cloakroom Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  20. Architeckt Malmo Basin Taps

  21. Architeckt Misa Basin Taps

  22. Park Lane Oxford Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  23. Architeckt Lattra Basin Mixer Tap

  24. Architeckt Motala Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  25. Architeckt Maderna Basin Mixer Tap

  26. Architeckt Misa Bath Taps

  27. Architeckt Lulea Basin Mixer Tap

  28. Park Lane Worcester Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  29. Architeckt Edsberg Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  30. Architeckt Lund Basin Mixer Tap

  31. Essentials Bath Mixer Tap

  32. Essentials Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  33. Architeckt Skara Basin Mixer Tap

  34. Park Lane Oxford Basin Taps

  35. Park Lane Oxford Bath Taps

  36. Park Lane Winchester Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  37. Park Lane Winchester Basin Taps

  38. Architeckt Dakota Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  39. Architeckt Malmo High Rise Basin Mixer Tap

  40. Architeckt Osmo High Rise Basin Mixer Tap

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