Toilets Fit For Any Purpose

The toilet is an essential part of any bathroom suite, ensuite or downstairs cloakroom. Just because it’s an essential item doesn’t mean you can just go out and buy any old thing. Because of its high priority in the bathroom, you want to ensure you get the very best value for money whilst also taking into consideration styling and space requirements. We’ve teamed up with some of the best bathroom manufacturers in the world to ensure we have a wide range of suitable toilets on offer that will address any and all needs. Our comprehensive range of toilets combine both top-end build quality and clean simplistic looks; ensuring terrific value without compromise.

  1. Close Coupled Toilets

    From £64.97
    with 17 choices

    Close Coupled Toilets
  2. Wall Hung Toilets

    From £109.97
    with 3 choices

    Wall Hung Toilets
  3. Back to Wall Toilets

    From £89.97
    with 5 choices

    Back to Wall Toilets
  4. Furniture Toilet Units

    From £139.97
    with 9 choices

    Furniture Toilet Units
  5. Toilet Seats

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    with 30 choices

    Toilet Seats
  6. Concealed Cisterns and Frames

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    with 8 choices

    Concealed Cisterns and Frames
  7. Clearance Toilets

    From £124.97
    with 1 choices

    Clearance Toilets


Wirquin Water Saving Toilet Converter

A Plumber's Dream

I am extremely satisfied with the Wirquin Jolly Flush Cistern Fittings they are manufactured to a very high standard and are fairly simple to install. The literature provided with them is very comprehensive and covers most types of installation. The equipment is environmentally friendly in that it saves water via the use of the twin flush buttons. The most pleasing aspect of the Wirquin Jolly Flush equipment lies in the fact that it reduces the cost of future maintenance; once the equipment is installed the cistern does not have to be removed to facilitate replacement of the valve washer. One has only to turn the water off, flush the cistern, give the Jolly Flush a ¼ turn and lift it out – in short a plumber’s dream.

Judah Curtis

Carrara & Matta 5000 Moulded Wood White Toilet Seat

As good as expected

My wife was about to buy a cheap toilet seat from the local shopping area until I told her I'd already ordered this product from you and ruined her exciting shopping experience. Her expectations of your product were low but forgotten now that it is safely installed. The seat has a solid feel, no flimsy plastic here, and should be easy to keep clean. The hinge system appears strong (only time will tell) and easier to fit than the last 2 seats I've had to fit in a previous house. These aren't the most complicated products to buy but this is exactly what I was expecting if not slightly better, and hence very pleased with the purchase.

Khloe Woodward

Wirquin Jolly-Tronic Touch Free Flushing Valve

Wirquin Jolly-Tronic Flushing Valve

Delivery very prompt, e-mail notifications of delivery progress. Easy to install, if you can replace a tap washer or ceramic valve insert, you can fit one of these. I did find the instructions required updating to match minor product update, but this didnt cause any problems. Works well, in fact it provides a much better flush than any syphonic flush unit since the water flows out much quicker (similar volume of water over a shorter period of time). Very pleased with the product, as is my Mother who was having difficulty flushing due to arthritis.

D King

Bemis 3900 White Toilet Seat

best ever

I have had over the years many toilet seats all colours etc my husband always went for the wooden ones, which were ok to start with, then they discoloured and the brass fittings went greenish,I did not like them much.After purchasing my new one I am delighted with the quality and the look of it,well worth the price I paid for it. I have recommended this toilet seat to my friends as I am so pleased with it, very easy to clean no chemicals just wipe over with a damp cloth, that is all you need to do.


Wirquin Jolly Tank Concealed Cistern

A good purchase

This is a good product but you have to be a bit careful as you install it because the instructions-diagrammes leave a little to the imagination in some respects. I had to call the manufacture to clarify before I cut the down pipe e.g. both ends are grooved - which one should you loose in cutting. (apparently because it is made in France so hence more pictures than words in the instructions!). Also the fitting between the bottom of the cistern and the down pipe was very very tight to the point that youd think it would not fit (needs to be lubed). Also ambiguous about which way round the lid should fit (it will fit both ways). Manufacture did answer all my queries efficiently though. Its a bit flimsy too - a bit like a Renault Clio - ingeniously engineered but expecting some heroics from plastic! Nevertheless, a good buy and when installed works like a dream.