The toilet is an essential part of any bathroom suite, ensuite or downstairs cloakroom. Just because it’s an essential item doesn’t mean you can go out and buy any old thing. Due to its high priority in the bathroom, you want to ensure you get the very best value for money.


Discover the perfect toilet for your bathroom

Plumbworld has collaborated with some of the best bathroom manufacturers to ensure we have a wide range of suitable toilets for sale. Our range will address any and all needs, such as taking into consideration your styling and space requirements. Our comprehensive range of toilets combine top-end build quality and clean, simplistic looks; ensuring terrific value without compromise.

  1. Close Coupled Toilets

    Close Coupled Toilets

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  2. Toilet Units

    Toilet Furniture Units

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  3. Back to Wall Toilets

    Back to Wall Toilets

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  4. Wall Hung Toilets

    Wall Hung Toilets

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  5. toilet-basin-combination-units

    Toilet & Basin Combination Units

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  6. raised-cistern-toilets

    Raised Cistern Toilets

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  7. rimless-toilets

    Rimless Toilets

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  8. corner-toilets

    Corner Toilets

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  9. Bidets


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  10. toilets-by-style

    Toilets By Style

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  11. Macerators


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  12. bayswater-toilets

    Bayswater Toilets

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  13. roca-toilets

    Roca Toilets

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  14. Toilet Seats

    Toilet Seats

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  15. toilet-accessories

    Toilet Accessories

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  17. Bayswater Fitzroy Cistern With Ceramic Lever


    Manufacturer Direct in 3 - 7 Days
  18. Bayswater Porchester Cistern With Chrome Lever


    Manufacturer Direct in 3 - 7 Days
  19. Saturn Back to Wall Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  20. Essentials Close Coupled Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  21. Ceramica Milan Back to Wall Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  22. Roca Colina Eco Close Coupled Cistern


    Manufacturer Direct in 3 - 7 Days
  23. Bayswater Fitzroy Low Cistern With Ceramic Lever


    Manufacturer Direct in 3 - 7 Days
  24. Roca Laura Close Coupled Pan


    Manufacturer Direct in 3 - 7 Days
  25. Ceramica Forli Space Saving Corner Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  26. Affine Amelie Wall Hung Toilet & Soft Close Seat

    Was £149.00


    Less than 10 Available
  27. Amelie Back To Wall Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  28. Ceramica Arles Back to Wall Toilet with Concealed Cistern & Soft Close Seat

  29. Ceramica Milan Back to Wall Toilet with Concealed Cistern & Soft Close Seat

  30. Ceramica Arles Back to Wall Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  31. Ceramica Tivoli Back to Wall Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  32. Bayswater Fitzroy Close Coupled Pan


    Manufacturer Direct in 3 - 7 Days
  33. Bayswater Porchester Close Coupled Pan


    Manufacturer Direct in 3 - 7 Days
  34. Bayswater Fitzroy High/Low Level Pan


    Manufacturer Direct in 3 - 7 Days
  35. Park Lane Back To Wall Toilet & Standard Seat

  36. Affine Royan Back to Wall Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  37. RAK Ceramics Series 600 Back To Wall Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  38. Bayswater Fitzroy High Level Cistern


    Manufacturer Direct in 3 - 7 Days
  39. Aspire Cara Back to Wall Rimless Toilet & Soft Close Seat


    Extended Lead Time, 14 Days+
  40. Ceramica Milan Space Saving Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  41. Ceramica Tivoli Back to Wall Toilet with Concealed Cistern & Soft Close Seat

  42. Roca Debba Close Coupled Toilet Pan


    Manufacturer Direct in 3 - 7 Days
  43. Affine Royan Back to Wall Toilet with Concealed Cistern & Soft Close Seat

  44. Affine Royan Space Saving Close Coupled Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  45. Ceramica Marseille Space Saving Corner Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  46. Ceramica Arles Space Saving Corner Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  47. Affine Bordeaux Wall Hung Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  48. Ceramica Tivoli Close Coupled Toilet & Soft Close Seat

  49. Affine Amelie Space Saving Corner Toilet & Soft Close Seat

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Carrara & Matta 5000 Round White Moulded Wood Toilet Seat

You get what you pay for !

I've used Bemis toilet seats before. However the last couple of replacement seats purchased were of inferior quality brands and slightly cheaper bought from DIY shops. They dont last for long, especially if they have the metal (chrome) pan fittings. I've gone back to Bemis.

Tristen Hart

Sanicompact Back To Wall Toilet with Built-in Macerator Pump -1081

Delighted with this purchase

Purchased a compact saniflow toilet with integrated maceractor which is much improved from the old saniflow which sat behind the toilet and was so noisy! Our new toilet is neat, quiet, a space saver and fits beautifully into our ensuite.

Susan Evans

Croydex Eyre Flexi-Fit Soft Close D Shape White Thermoset Plastic Toilet Seat

Replacement Seat

Excellent quality and easy to fit. Good instructions and novel locating system ensures a permanent fix. Top and bottom fixing options provided. Quick release seat for easy cleaning. Good value and highly recommended.

Roy Thornton

Affine Tivoli 2 in 1 Toilet and Basin Combination Unit inc Tap & Waste


We are so pleased we had very litte space put this under the stairs I have MS so I now have a downstairs loo yippee very good price , very good quality and excellent fast service thank you so much


Flexible Pan Connector

Flexible for a tight spot

The flexible pipe was ideal as I hadn't been able to find a rigid 90 degree angle elbow that would fit the tight space from the back of the pan into the floor. his one di the job perfectly.

Mark Bishop

Ceramica Milan Space Saving Toilet & Soft Close Seat

Great price, easy assembly........

As usual, Plumbworld deliver again.............a fair quality product at a good price equals great VFM. Easy to assemble with good quality components. The flush is nice and powerful


Wirquin Jolly Tank Concealed Cistern

what can you say about a cistern .

Does what it is supposed to. I did not see how to fix the inlet valve but one phone call to Plumbworld and the problem was resolved. Excellent customer service in my mind.


Affine Royan Soft Close and Fast Release Square White Toilet Seat

Correct and quick

Easy to find item on website with measurements. Arrived promptly and seconds to fit. No issues and usual good service from Plumbworld. .


Grundfos Sololift2 WC-1 Macerator (97775329)


Brilliant macerator! Easily copes with a hand basin & toilet, pumping up into the loft with ease. Outstanding delivery times

Ashley Dell

Flo-Force Max Macerator Pump with 4 inlets

Toilet pump

Bought this to replace an old macerator that had worn out, easy to fit with plenty of fitting options and parts in the box,

Michael Watts


Choosing a toilet. There’s more to it than you think!

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to toilets is thinking that a toilet is just a toilet. You might only be familiar with the run of the mill close coupled toilet; but we can assure you there’s far more to take into consideration when buying one. Thankfully our easy to understand, step-by-step guide will help break it down for you.

Sizing things up

First off, the space you have in which to fit the toilet needs to be addressed and preferably measured. Once this has been done, you have guidelines to work with when searching for a toilet. You can immediately eliminate all toilets that are larger than the area specified and from there you can begin to refine your search of those that meet your criteria.

Toilet types

At this point you may want to consider the different types on offer; close coupled, back-to-wall, wall-hung and toilets with a WC unit. All of these boast individual benefits that should be researched and taken into account prior to purchase and installation.

Close coupled toilet

These are one of the most common types of toilet, providing a huge array of designs. The cistern sits neatly on top of the rear end of the toilet pan and can be operated by either a push button or a lever.

Back to wall toilet

These feature a normal, floor-mounted toilet pan but with a cistern concealed within the wall. The cistern sits within a framework and is usually controlled via a push button mounted on the wall itself. They’re neat too as the cistern can easily be tiled over and hidden.

Wall hung toilet

A wall hung toilet is very much the same as a back to wall toilet except they don’t mount to the floor. Strong wall connections are installed and the pan is suspended, creating a minimalistic and stylish look.

Furniture unit toilet

Concealing the cistern within a designer piece of furniture is certainly taking off, with a back to wall pan being installed against the unit. A wide variety of different sizes and finishes are available making them the perfect choice for a different look in your bathroom.

High level toilet

Now onto the traditional side of things. A high level toilet features a cistern mounted high up on the wall above the pan. A chrome flush pipe joins them together and the system is usually operated using a pull on a chain.

Low level toilet

Very much like the high level toilets but with a shorter flush pipe. The flush on a low level toilet is normally controlled by a level instead of a chain pull.


Styling: Traditional or contemporary?

Not only is the type of toilet that you choose important but whether it’s modern or traditional makes a huge difference. Traditional toilets generally have a lot more detailing on them, making them look like they’re straight out of the 19th century. As mentioned above, they’re available in close couple, high level or low level options. Modern toilets on the other had are usually much smoother looking, either with rounded edges or hard corners they really scream contemporary.

Styling: Square or round?

Toilet styling is not usually as varied as other bathroom items, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t make a big difference. Whilst you can get traditional and contemporary styled toilets, it makes sense sometimes to judge them based on the compatibility with the rest of your bathroom. For example, if your bath, shower and washbasin are designed around flowing curves; coupling that with a linear straight-edged toilet will likely cause a clash in styling. Therefore, it’s wise to play to your bathroom’s strengths and stay uniform with design and styling where possible. With a wide range of various toilets on offer, Plumbworld makes it as simple as possible to get the toilet your bathroom needs.

Contemporary or Traditional Styling


Intelligent toilet designs

A toilet is effectively a device to dispose of waste. That's their sole purpose but it doesn't mean they have to function like they're straight out of the dark ages. Clever additions to your toilet can make installing them, maintaning them and using them far easier so make sure to take advantage of these perks.

Pan connectors

Due to clever design and innovation, our large range of toilets offer fantastic compatibility with pan connectors. Rather than struggling to connect the pan to the pipe, our toilets ensure adequate space to make this a non-issue.

Soft close seats

The design extends as far as many of the seats which now include soft close features and protective finishes to ensure a long lasting, resilient seat.

Compact all-in-one units

For those short on space or those wishing to install a toilet and wash basin in a small space you could even go as far as one of our cloakroom suites or toilet and basin combination units.


Superior water efficiency

As house bills continue to increase in quarterly costs, people are doing everything they can to make their home more efficient. Plumbworld has also realised the need for efficiency within the house and especially in the bathroom where a lot of water is wasted. That’s why the majority of toilets in the range come with a dual flush system that gives the user the option of which flush to use for a suitable purpose. Most often the system incorporates two buttons to separate a 3-litre flush and a 6-litre flush. One is obviously designed for liquid waste and the other is used for solid waste. This has been proved to cut water usage by up to 65% in the average household. This is just one of the ways in which Plumbworld are striving to make bathrooms as efficient as possible.

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