Plinth Heaters

If you struggle for radiator space, a plinth heater could be the perfect way to heat your home. Ideal for kitchens and utility rooms, a plinth heater easily fits into kitchen units to deliver powerful heat while taking up minimum space. 

Find a Kitchen Plinth Heater Online at Plumbworld!

With options from trusted brand names Myson and Smiths, you can find the perfect plinth heater at Plumbworld. Sometimes known as a ‘kickboard heater’, this space-saving solution is easy to install and delivers excellent results. While you could get an electric plinth heater, a hydronic plinth heater is preferable for many. This is because they plumb straight into your central heating system, making them more cost effective to run. Choose a central heating plinth heater with Plumbworld and be rid of your bulky radiator today!

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    Myson Plinth Heaters

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    Smith's Plinth Heaters

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