Myson Plinth Heaters

Myson Plinth Heaters make for a brilliant addition to any kitchen, especially those in which are on the smaller side. The installation of a plinth heater means that you can finally get rid of that bulky radiator that you currently have and free up some valuable wall space. A plinth heater can be fitted quickly and easily under your kitchen unit and their large surface area heat exchanger means that heat can be delivered to the room in no time at all!

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  2. myson-kickspace-500-hydronic-plinth-heater-with-grille

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    Myson Kickspace 500 Hydronic Plinth Heater with Grille

  3. Myson Kickspace 600 Hydronic Plinth Heater with Grille

  4. Myson Kickspace 800 Hydronic Plinth Heater with Grille

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