Under Sink Water Heaters

If you can’t connect to a mains water supply to get your hot water, an under counter hot water heater is a great alternative. Eliminating the need for complex pipe installations, these instant hot water heaters run off electricity, sitting under your sink for a neat finish.

We’ll help you find an under sink hot water heater

Under sink hot water heaters are a brilliant option for home bathrooms and kitchens. They can easily be concealed, either by a vanity unit or by being tucked away under your basin, thanks to their compact design. What’s more, they are efficient and, as they are unvented, can be connected straight to a mains water supply, providing instant heat at a strong pressure. If you have more than one sink or water outlet in your room, take a look at our Powerstream under counter water heaters - these can be used with up to two hand basins and achieve a temperature of 29 - 54°C.

Whether it’s for residential or commercial use our instant hot water heaters, or electric under sink heaters, promise low prices and excellent quality - find yours at Plumbworld now!

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