Under Sink Water Heaters

An under sink water heater system heats water directly from the mains water supply, therefore, an expansion tank is not required. Powerstream under sink water heater systems deliver instant hot water points of use and there are several forms of water heater systems available for a variety of requirements of the home or commercial premises. They are an ideal choice for hand basins in commercial and residential properties. Under sink water heaters offer a number of benefits including higher the balanced hot / cold water supplies and compact design. These unvented water heaters are ideal where hot water is required for multiple outlets, such as kitchens & washrooms. The compact and innovative design of the water heaters eliminates the need for long pipe runs to a centrally stored water cylinder space saving, energy saving and reduces the need for complex installations. All our Powerstream under sink water heaters are suitable for use with up to two hand basins. The units can connect to a cold mains fed water supply and provide  heats instantly and delivers hot water at a temperature range of 29-54 degrees dependent on incoming water temperature.