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We believe that when things go wrong it shouldn’t cost the earth to fix, and a faulty valve should remain both cheap and easy to replace. Whether it’s repair or you just want to have a little more control - we have valves to suit every type of radiator on the market. Our valves will help maintain comfort and reduce heating bills by giving you individual control of the temperature of the room the radiator is in, directly from the valve itself. Easy to use, easy to install and easy on the wallet.

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Danfoss RAS-C2 Thermostatic 15mm Reversible Angle TRV

TRV review

Got this item to replace an existing faulty item which was working for at least 6 years, each of my radiators has one of there (total 10), but one failed so I looked for an identical replacement which I found at Plumbworld. The item was perfect, well packaged and is working well! Plumbworld is now logged as one of my trusted suppliers!


Danfoss RAS-D2 Thermostatic 8/10/15mm Reversible Angle TRV

Danfoss RAS-D2 Thermostatic Radiator Valve

An excellent top quality product that works very efficiently. I was a little concerned about the reducing valves supplied, as I have 10mm pipework on my central heating system and wasnt too sure how efficient they were. Rest assured they worked well with no problems. The price at Plumbworld for this item is also excellent


Honeywell VT117E Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) 15mm

does the job

I bought this to replace a 10-year old TRV whose plastic base broke when knocked. To avoid replacing pipes, I needed an exact match. The TRV does not quite match the picture on website, but the screwfit connector is the same size and thread, so it was easy to replace. Must wait until winter to see whether pin height is the same as the old one.


Honeywell VT117E Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) 8mm

Make sure you buy the right size

Not the most exciting product to review, but make sure you buy the right one. I've just discovered that I bought the 8mm by mistake. I should have bought the 15mm one. Luckily the plumber said he can substitute the olive inside for a 15mm one and it will be fine. Apart from that, what can I say, it's a valve that does a thermostatic job.

Carlee Pruitt

Honeywell VT15 15mm Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV)

Does what it says on the box!

Solid quality. Much better than the rubbish valves we bought from the DIY store. Only problem was my husband forgot to remove the sponge piece protecting the internal valve. We couldn't work out why not heat was getting through! The instructions had no reference to it, either.

Maleah Landry