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Flavel Fires

Flavel have been around for an age, initially beginning their business in the mid 1800’s focusing on cooking appliances. Fast-forward to 1965, they introduced their first ever furniture fire with a wood surround and have come on in leaps and bounds developing new models ever since. Flavel have revolutionised the market with truly fantastic designs and features, making them a popular supplier of gas products. We have a fantastic selection of Flavel fires from gas to electric, wall mounted to hearth mounted and in both traditional and contemporary designs, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fire for your home.

  1. flavel-inset-gas-fires

    Flavel Inset Gas Fires

    88 products
    From £227.98
  2. flavel-outset-gas-fires

    Flavel Outset Gas Fires

    19 products
    From £234.97
  3. flavel-balanced-flue-gas-fires

    Flavel Balanced Flue Gas Fires

    12 choices
    From £677.98