Electric Fire Suites

Our collection of Electric Fire Suites boasts with quality, practicality and style. The electric fires are supplied with ready built surrounds in both contemporary and traditional designs, which frame the fires perfectly and create a real eye-catching feature. Some surrounds have media units, log stores and places to display décor which enables you to add further aesthetics to your room. Electric fires requires no chimney or flue to install, making them incredibly practical as all you need is a plug socket to plug it into to get it up and running. With a touch of a button your electric fire will come roaring into action, delivering a fantastic efficient heat output that you can snuggle up and enjoy almost instantly. 

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  2. adam-monet-pure-white-electric-fireplace-suite-14992

    Adam Monet Pure White Electric Fireplace Suite - 14992

  3. adam-southwold-oak-and-cream-suite-with-helios-brushed-steel-electric-fire-6851

    Adam Southwold Oak and Cream Suite with Helios Brushed Steel Electric Fire - 6851

  4. adam-sutton-cream-and-black-suite-with-colorado-brushed-steel-electric-fire-12120

    Adam Sutton Cream and Black Suite with Colorado Brushed Steel Electric Fire - 12120

  5. adam-dakota-pure-white-grey-suite-with-helios-brushed-steel-electric-fire-23326

    Adam Dakota Pure White & Grey Suite with Helios Brushed Steel Electric Fire - 23326

  6. adam-cubist-grey-electric-fireplace-suite-22617

    Adam Cubist Grey Electric Fireplace Suite - 22617

  7. adam-chilton-white-and-grey-suite-with-helios-brushed-steel-electric-fire-22115

    Adam Chilton White and Grey Suite with Helios Brushed Steel Electric Fire - 22115

  8. adam-abbey-stone-effect-suite-with-helios-brushed-steel-electric-fire-20683

    Adam Abbey Stone Effect Suite with Helios Brushed Steel Electric Fire - 20683

  9. adam-verona-white-electric-fireplace-suite-4548

    Adam Verona White Electric Fireplace Suite - 4548

    Was £ 404.50

    Save 5%

    £ 384.50

    104 In Stock
  10. sureflame-wm-9332-remote-control-white-electric-fireplace-suite-with-downlights-23626

    Sureflame WM-9332 Remote Control White Electric Fireplace Suite with Downlights - 23626

  11. adam-savanna-pure-white-grey-suite-with-comet-brushed-steel-electric-fire-22628

    Adam Savanna Pure White & Grey Suite with Comet Brushed Steel Electric Fire - 22628

    Was £ 453.00

    Save 6%

    £ 427.94

    34 In Stock
  12. adam-sambro-white-with-grey-shelf-electric-fireplace-suite-21709

    Adam Sambro White with Grey Shelf Electric Fireplace Suite - 21709

  13. adam-siena-white-suite-with-aviemore-grey-electric-stove-22753

    Adam Siena White Suite with Aviemore Grey Electric Stove - 22753

  14. suncrest-sonar-black-wall-mounted-2kw-electric-fire

    Suncrest Sonar Black Wall Mounted 2kW Electric Fire

  15. suncrest-stockeld-electric-fire-suite-stc1024

    Suncrest Stockeld Electric Fire Suite - STC1024

  16. suncrest-coniston-electric-fire-suite-con024l

    Suncrest Coniston Electric Fire Suite - CON024L

  17. suncrest-romney-remote-control-electric-fire-suite-rmn1024

    Suncrest Romney Remote Control Electric Fire Suite - RMN1024

  18. suncrest-antigua-remote-control-electric-fire-suite-ant1024

    Suncrest Antigua Remote Control Electric Fire Suite - ANT1024

  19. suncrest-middleton-remote-control-electric-fire-suite-mid1024

    Suncrest Middleton Remote Control Electric Fire Suite - MID1024

  20. suncrest-lumley-remote-control-electric-fire-suite-lum0024

    Suncrest Lumley Remote Control Electric Fire Suite - LUM0024

  21. suncrest-eggleston-remote-control-electric-fire-suite-egg2001

    Suncrest Eggleston Remote Control Electric Fire Suite - EGG2001

  22. suncrest-kimberley-remote-control-white-2kw-electric-fire-suite

    Suncrest Kimberley Remote Control White 2kW Electric Fire Suite

  23. suncrest-talent-remote-control-electric-fire-suite-tal1024

    Suncrest Talent Remote Control Electric Fire Suite - TAL1024

  24. suncrest-bradbury-remote-control-electric-fire-suite-brd1024

    Suncrest Bradbury Remote Control Electric Fire Suite - BRD1024

  25. suncrest-detroit-remote-control-electric-fire-suite-dtr1024

    Suncrest Detroit Remote Control Electric Fire Suite - DTR1024

  26. suncrest-lumley-ambience-remote-control-electric-fire-suite-lum0025

    Suncrest Lumley-Ambience Remote Control Electric Fire Suite - LUM0025

  27. suncrest-bradbury-ambience-remote-control-electric-fire-suite-brd1025

    Best Seller!

    Suncrest Bradbury-Ambience Remote Control Electric Fire Suite - BRD1025

  28. suncrest-georgia-remote-control-electric-fire-suite-geo1024

    Suncrest Georgia Remote Control Electric Fire Suite - GEO1024

    Was £ 589.00

    Save 7%

    £ 549.94

    8 - 9 Days From Order
  29. suncrest-raby-remote-control-electric-fire-suite-rab1024

    Suncrest Raby Remote Control Electric Fire Suite - RAB1024

  30. suncrest-kesgrave-remote-control-white-2kw-electric-fire-suite

    Suncrest Kesgrave Remote Control White 2kW Electric Fire Suite

    Was £ 721.14

    Save 5%

    £ 681.50

    8 - 9 Days From Order
  31. suncrest-bourne-remote-control-whitegrey-2kw-electric-fire-suite

    Suncrest Bourne Remote Control White/Grey 2kW Electric Fire Suite

  32. suncrest-lucera-remote-control-electric-fire-suite-lcr1024

    Suncrest Lucera Optimyst Electric Fireplace Suite - LCR1024