Baths - Relax in Comfort in a Luxurious Bath Tub

Baths are more about relaxation than simple cleaning! The luxury heart of the bathroom suite. A long soak in the bath tub is the kind of thing we dream about when we're having a particularly hard day at work. Unfortunately, we've become a busy culture that doesn't have much time for relaxing in the bath and all too often we'd rather jump in the shower for a daily quick wash. But even if they're only used a couple of times a month it’s great to have that option of having one. Showers are perfect for getting the job done, but nothing beats a long hot soak in soapy bath water with a good book in your hands.

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Coram Frameless Sliding Shower Screen

Quality product for a small bathroom

We were looking for a screen to fit a very small bathroom and this was perfect as the frameless design along with the sliding mechanism made it perfect for being stylish but also practical. We haven't actually used it yet so I can't comment on how well it works but in terms of fitting it was relatively straightforward, other than the weight. Really impressed with Plumbworld as well and did exactly what was expected throughout. Would definitely consider using them again.

Jazmin Estrada

Croydex Gloss White Storage Side Bath Panel

Fantastic product

Hi was specifically looking for a storage bath panel to make use of the wasted space under the bath when after much searching I came across this one. It was also on sale which made it very reasonable. The product was delivered and wrapped excellently. I couldnt wait to install it. I had to cut one corner off the panel as there was boxing around one corner, it was very easy to cut. Now its fitted it look fantastic and I am extremely pleased! Thanks for a great product!!!

Ian W-C

Vasari MDF Gloss White Bath Panel 1700mm

More than met expectations!

Looks even better in the flesh! Provides a good finish and enhances the overall appearance of the bath and bathroom as a whole. The hi-gloss finish was better than I expected. Nice not to have the wabbly feel of the acrylic panel. Harder to fit than the instructions imply. Took my man 2.5 hours but he was impressed with the way it all goes together. Clever arrangement with all the fixings hidden.

Kentish Man

Hydrolux Square Shower Screen 780mm

Couldnt get better!

The screen is absolutely fantastic and does exactly what it was bought for (at a great price may I add - delivery was also spot on). The hinges are well built and provide a smooth swinging motion. Guarantee also makes this product even better, however I cant see us needing to use it. Thankyou

Dean S

Croydex Unfold N Fit White Bath Storage Panel

Clever design

Make best use of space under the bath and maintain access to pipework under the taps whilst kids can't get to it when locked. My builders moaned about having to install something they never seen before but they like the design too. The down side is the outside panel doesn't run along the bottom runner properly. Our installation was probably slightly out of line.

Emily Barton