If you are looking for a new bathtub for your bathroom, you are sure to find an array of options! With numerous sizes, styles and materials to choose from, there are plenty of design options to choose from to ensure your bath does just what you need.

The best bathtubs for sale at Plumbworld...

Here at Plumbworld, we have bathtubs for sale for everyone’s needs. Whether you want a corner bathtub or shower bath to squeeze into an ensuite, a feature-worthy freestanding tub or a spa-inspired whirlpool bath, you can find the perfect bathtub for relaxing in after a long day. With steel, acrylic and stone baths available in lengths from 1100mm to 1800mm, find everything from compact to standard and luxury sized options.

Shop all of our bathtubs for sale here at Plumbworld to enjoy our great prices with free and next day delivery available!

(Our small 1500 Bathtub is under £100 )

For more information on making sure you choose the right bath for you, check out our Buyers Guide To Baths

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  17. Croydex Rust Free Bath Rack

  18. Vitura Whirlpool Cleaner - 500ml


    Manufacturer Direct in 21 - 25 Days
  19. Croydex Bamboo Bath Rack

    Was £28.75


    Less than 10 Available
  20. Essentials Basin and Pop-Up Bath Waste Pack

  21. Vitura Fragrance Infusion Scent Beads x 4


    Manufacturer Direct in 21 - 25 Days
  22. Architeckt Pipe Shrouds for Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer

  23. Vitura Ozonator


    Manufacturer Direct in 21 - 25 Days
  24. Ceramica Single Ended Curved Small Bath - 1500x700mm

  25. Vitura Fragrance Infusion Dispenser


    Manufacturer Direct in 21 - 25 Days
  26. Ceramica Single Ended Curved Small Bath With Side Panel - 1500x700mm

  27. Ceramica Single Ended Curved Small Bath With Side And End Panel - 1500x700mm

  28. Ceramica Single Ended Curved Bath - 1600x700mm

  29. Vitura In-Line Heater


    Manufacturer Direct in 21 - 25 Days
  30. Ceramica Single Ended Square Small Bath - 1500 x 700mm


    Extended Lead Time, 14 Days+
  31. Ceramica Single Ended Square Bath - 1600 x 700mm


    Extended Lead Time, 14 Days+
  32. Ceramica Single Ended Curved Bath With Side Panel - 1600x700mm

  33. Ceramica Single Ended Curved Bath With Side And End Panel - 1600x700mm

  34. Ceramica Double Ended Curved Bath - 1700x750mm

  35. Ceramica Single Ended Square Bath - 1700x700mm

  36. Ceramica Double Ended Square Bath - 1700x700mm

  37. Ceramica Double Ended Curved Bath - 1700x700mm

  38. Ceramica Contessa Steel Bath - 1500mm x 700mm (2 Tap Holes)

  39. Ceramica Single Ended Square Small Bath - 1600x700mm

  40. Ceramica P Shaped Shower Bath 1500mm Left Hand - Including Bath Legs


    Extended Lead Time, 14 Days+
  41. Ceramica P Shaped Shower Bath 1500mm Right Hand - Including Bath Legs


    Extended Lead Time, 14 Days+
  42. Ceramica P Shaped Shower Bath 1600mm Right Hand - Including Bath Legs


    Extended Lead Time, 14 Days+
  43. Ceramica Single Ended Curved Bath - 1700x700mm

  44. Ceramica Single Ended Square Small Bath With Side Panel - 1600x700mm

  45. Ceramica Double Ended Curved Bath With Side Panel - 1700x700mm

  46. Ceramica Single Ended Square Bath With Side Panel - 1700x700mm

  47. Ceramica P Shaped Shower Bath 1600mm Left Hand - Including Bath Legs


    Extended Lead Time, 14 Days+
  48. Ceramica Single Ended Square Small Bath With Side Panel - 1600 x 700mm


    Manufacturer Direct in 2 - 7 Days
  49. Ceramica Single Ended Square Small Bath With Side Panel - 1500 x 700mm


    Manufacturer Direct in 2 - 7 Days

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Croydex White Gloss MDF Storage Bath Side Panel - 1690mm

Sleek, modern and useful!

Arrived when stated. Easy to fit although we had to adjust our bath frame and remove a row of floor tiles alongside the bath to fit it - no problem as we were replacing the floor anyway. Panel looks great; it’s sleek, modern, glossy and the removable panels for storage were the main reason for me choosing this particular panel. All the cleaning stuff and spare shampoo/conditioners etc are now out of sight and the bathroom looks uncluttered and tidy. Great purchase!


Vasari White Gloss MDF Bath Side Panel - 1700mm

More than met expectations!

Looks even better in the flesh! Provides a good finish and enhances the overall appearance of the bath and bathroom as a whole. The hi-gloss finish was better than I expected. Nice not to have the wabbly feel of the acrylic panel. Harder to fit than the instructions imply. Took my man 2.5 hours but he was impressed with the way it all goes together. Clever arrangement with all the fixings hidden.

Kentish Man

Coram Curved Edge Shower Screen - 800mm Width (SFR80CUC)

without fault

This is a very good product. Easy to erect and looks great when installed, it seems like a well made item. The price is very competitive and the delivery and service from the plumbworld team was top notch. It arrived on time and i even recived a follow up email to make sure the product was ok. I will be using this website again.


Luxura 4 Panel Folding Bath Screen (Chrome Frame) - 992mm Width

Amazing value for money

I am absolutely delighted with my folding bath screen. The quality is excellent, and it looks really stylish.The delivery time was speedy and the item was very well packaged, bubble wrapped and boxed. I will definitely purchase from plumbworld again and gladly recommend to friends.


Architeckt Dakota Bath Shower Mixer Tap with Dual Outlet Shower Heads

The best shower ever!

This is the best shower I have ever had. At such a brilliant price! It looks stunning! And is lovely to use. The bath fills up quickly and the water flows out of the taps beautifully. Really puts the finishing touch to any bathroom!

Leigh wallace

Luxura Square Bath Screen (Chrome Frame) - 800mm Width


This bath screen is simple, slick and works perfectly well to keep water in the shower area and away from the rest of the wet room. It folds back against the wall so, when not in use, is hardly visible. That is just what I wanted.


Coram Sail Shower Screen - 800mm Width (SFS80CUC)

Sail shower screen

Bought this and my husband fitted it last week, it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s very good quality and looks amazing. Came as promised and packaged very well indeed. Thank you Plumbworld.

Lee Beanes

Quick Clac Pop up Bath Waste

Good quality product, easy to fit, works very well and very neat and tidy to look at compared to the old plug and chain. Drains the bath quickly and has a good seal on it.

Bernard Shea

Aurora Grey Gloss MDF Bath Side Panel - 1700mm

Bath Panel

Used this to make an open shelf cupboard to fill void next to the toilet. Very good it looks too. Maybe that could be an idea for a new product for you to sell.

Karen Thornton

Ceramica White Gloss MDF Tongue and Groove Bath Side Panel - 1700mm

Ceramica White Gloss MDF Tongue and Groove Bath Side Panel - 1700mm



Get the most out of your new bath

If you're thinking about replacing your bath, you're completely updating your bathroom suite or you're sick of just having a shower and want to bring a bath back on the scene then this Baths Buyers Guide is for you. We'll cover everything you need to know before you make that big purchase.

Before you Begin…

You obviously can't just open a website, close your eyes and pick the first bath your finger lands on. Some research needs to be done before you can find the most suitable bath for your suite, which is probably why you're reading this in the first place so good job! Initially you're going to have to work out how much space you have available in your bathroom, and you also need to think about the shape too as that will determine what types of bath are available to you. When you're making measurements to find out how much space you have available, remember to measure the bathroom door too as you're going to have to get the bath through it in the first place. Finally, weight should also be a consideration. You can't order a stone bath if your bathroom is on the second floor, for example unless you want it to come crashing through the ceiling whilst you're watching Coronation Street. So don't start looking until you’ve taken accurate measurements, after which you can shop to your heart’s content.

Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees; your budget is your next consideration. Baths can start out cheaper than expected thanks to some popular budget ranges on the market, but they can also range up to thousands of pounds if you're looking for that extra luxury. You also need to consider the costs of getting the bath installed too, and if installing a new bath is part of the wider goal of doing a complete bathroom revamp then you also need to factor in those costs too. Retailers do have package deals that combine bathroom suites with a bath so you can pick up the lot in one go, so it’s definitely worth investigating that route.

One thing that people often forget to consider is how they actually use the bath. If you're a family that takes regular baths then chances are you're going to want something more durable that can withstand constant battering by kids. If you don't have many baths, preferring showers, but still want the option for a soak then a shower bath could be the best option. If you want a bath simply for a luxurious long soak then it may be worth investing in a stylish spa-like tub with all the bells and whistles, such as a whirlpool bath. You should also think about the style as a timeless design means you won't have to replace the bath for the long run.

A bath is a big investment. There’s no harm in taking your time to be absolutely sure you’ve made the right decision.

Types of Bath

There's not just one type of bath. You only need to look at Plumbworld's full range of baths to see what's available, but which one is the right one for you?

Inset Baths

Inset Baths

It's highly likely that an inset bath is going to be the main option for most people. Their big benefit is that they can fit into a large section of bathroom situations as they are flush fitted against a wall. You'll either have it so it spans the full length of the bathroom wall so only one side is showing - that can be covered with a bath panel – or you’ll have one end showing if your bathroom is on the larger side. You can also choose between single-ended, where the bath taps are at one end, or double ended, where the bath taps sit in the middle of the bath so you can use either side to rest your head. Single ended tends to the most popular option.

They're also incredibly flexible as they come in a huge variety of sizes as well as a number of different styles. A limit on space doesn't mean you can't have a bath, as baths that aren't full size exist. The other benefit is that you don't have to choose between a shower and bath too, as a shower can easily be fitted over an inset bath for you to enjoy whenever you wish. Budget wise, inset baths are the cheapest of the bunch too

Freestanding Bath

Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths are the ultimate in luxury, but due to this they often command a higher price. There's no doubting the spa-like atmosphere they create though, so if you have the cash and space then a freestanding bath is an ideal purchase. They grandly sit apart from the walls of your bathroom, usually in the centre. These lavish centrepieces can also be raised on a platform or a set of ornate feet while freestanding taps can be incorporated to sit alongside the bath. They also come in a range of styles that stretch from contemporary to traditional Victorian style.

The downside is that the plumbing will have to be modified to allow the bath to be used in its central location, so you need to factor in the extra labour costs too.

For even more luxury, it's worth looking at a freestanding slipper bath too. These curve up at one end, giving additional back and shoulder support for that added spa-like feel.

Whirlpool Baths

Whirlpool Baths

Whirlpool Baths offer a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. As the name suggests, these baths are fitted with whirlpool jets which are placed on the side shell of the bath, they’re then operated by controls.

These contemporary baths are at the height of luxury, as they include special features which help to ensure the user is as comfortable as possible Over the past couple of years Chromatherapy has come into the spotlight. Chromatherapy is the use of lights which can be used to relax a person and when combined with hydrotherapy (a therapeutic treatment that involves the moving and exercising of the water to create a jacuzzi-like experience), soothing effects are guaranteed.

Shower Bath

Shower Bath

If you don't have the space for a separate shower enclosure and bath then you'll probably want to put a shower above the bath. This is where l-shaped and p-shaped shower baths come in, which are also ideal for bathrooms that are more awkwardly shaped than your standard room. These allow for more space at the end of the bath so that you can get a little more space around the showering area in a similar way to the space you'd have in a shower enclosure. You can fit specially shaped shower screens around this area too so that it feels like a proper enclosure.

Corner Baths

Corner Baths

Corner baths are exactly what it says on the tin – a bath that can slot neatly into one corner of your bathroom. While larger statement bathrooms benefit from them, you could have it raised on a small platform with steps up to it, they're space-efficient too. Their rounded shape deep slot can give the feeling of settling down into the hot tub and your local spa. Add jets to create an even more luxurious dip.

Single or Double Ended Bath?

The style and appearance are very important factors when it comes to deciding which bath to choose. More importantly, practicality is also a main factor – its important to consider how you’re going to use your tub before you buy.

Single Ended Baths:

Single-ended baths tend to be the most popular choice as they will fit in with almost any bathroom. Both taps are situated at one end of the bath, usually above the waste area. This style of bath is typically designed for one person to relax in the tub. The taps being located at one end is ideal for bath showers which have a mixer shower valve, as this can be fitted to the wall directly above the taps and waste.

Double Ended Baths:

A double-ended bath has the waste and taps fitted in the centre of the tub or fitted to the wall. This allows both ends of the bath have a gentle slope and that there’s enough room for two people to bathe together. Additionally, the position of the taps allows you to stretch out in the tub without catching your toes on the taps – this is a great feature for those who’re a little taller and could do with the extra space. Many freestanding baths tend to be double-ended and tend to be a brilliant addition in more traditional style bathrooms.

Choosing the Right Material for your Bath

With so many shapes and sizes to choose from, deciding which tub for your bathroom can be a difficult decision. The material of the bath can determine the tubs price and durability, therefore, we believe it’s a great place to start.




Don't Forget…

Your job isn’t done when you’ve bought the bath; you also need to think about the things that go with it. Inset baths, for example, will need a bath panel for the final touch, unless you want the underneath of the bath on show. There’s a range of styles and finishes available, but you obviously need to make sure it matches both the bath and the rest of your bathroom.

Bath panels are another option. You may use a shower curtain instead, but bath screens are more stylish and a less cumbersome option. Again, there are a range of styles available; such as folding bath screens, or simple sail shaped bath screens.

Things like bath wastes may be included with the bath, but you should check before purchase so that you don’t end up having the bath without the full means to install it properly. You will also need to find bath taps too, which range from modern bath mixers to two separate traditional hot and cold taps. If you’re buying a freestanding bath then wall mounted taps or freestanding taps are options too.

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