Baths - Relax in Comfort in a Luxurious Bath Tub

Baths are more about relaxation than simple cleaning! The luxury heart of the bathroom suite. A long soak in the bath tub is the kind of thing we dream about when we're having a particularly hard day at work. Unfortunately, we've become a busy culture that doesn't have much time for relaxing in the bath and all too often we'd rather jump in the shower for a daily quick wash. But even if they're only used a couple of times a month it’s great to have that option of having one. Showers are perfect for getting the job done, but nothing beats a long hot soak in soapy bath water with a good book in your hands.

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Vasari MDF Gloss White Bath Panel 1800mm

Clean, simple and built to last

I was looking specifically for a bath panel with a plinth and this fitted the bill perfectly. The panel itself is made from thick MDF and over wrapped in a bright white gloss and is very well constructed and solid with a minimalist feel about it. It was easy to cut to fit awkward gaps and the added plinth made any height adjustments far easier for those of us with uneven floors and taller than standard baths. As other reviewers have said looks far more expensive than it is and is a good investment to add the finishing polish to a bathroom. The only downside is that Im not sure if it came with all the fittings as there wasnt a list of contents which made fitting interesting


Ceramica Single Ended Square Bath - 1700x700mm

Bath time.

Thought it would be nice to have a 'square' one for a change and I'm not dissapointed.Well made from a good mold giving a high gloss finish,came with a pretty good set of adjustable legs.GRP baths will always move a bit when loaded so fitting of the wall brackets is a must, and dont forget the silicone after you've done tilling. When fitting bath panels beware of some end panels designed for fitting with two side panels,it will be too short with only one,you may be able to loose the gap if that wall is tiled. Plumbworld are very good at quick replacement of any goods damaged in transit.A pleasant phone call is all it takes.

Lesly Graves

Croydex Unfold N Fit White Bath Storage Panel

Very easy to assemble

The panel was very easy to put together and the instructions are very clear. I was a bit dubious about it being folded, but when the panel is straightened out and the holding plate screwed on you have to have to be intent on finding the join to notice it. Slots under the bath well although I had to add a bit of sealant to stop it moving at the top, but thats more of our baths shape than the panel. Once in place against the battens the doors slide smoothly and we now have a useful storage area under the bath. Also, should you need to do any serious maintenance under the bath, the panel could be quite easily be removed.

Dave Blomfield

Coram Frameless Sliding Shower Screen

Sliding Panel Bath Screen

The item was delivered very quickly and arrived in good condition ready to fit. Installation was very straightforward, but the wall-plate is not supplied pre-drilled, so care must be taken to space the holes evenly and ensure they are drilled to the correct size. Additionally, the product is much heavier than a single-pane bath screen and I needed the help fitting it to the wall-plate. That said, it was still an easy installation and the good looking design easily beats framed folding screens. The design is also effective at preventing over-spray from the shower and the sliding seals and runners all work well. I would have rated 5 stars for everything, but the small decorative end-caps for the runners fit loosely and need sticking in place.

Uriel Finley

Croydex Gloss White Storage Side Bath Panel

Useful bath panel

This is a clever way to store those bathroom cleaning products etc that you don't want standing around on show. Quite a plain bath panel, with 3 raised panels, it should be noted that only the 2 end panels are removable. Magnetic catches on panels seem to work well. The instructions advise sealing the top edge along the join with the bath using silicone or similar mastic. I set my bath at the height of the panel, so didn't use the supplied adjustable bottom plinth, this allowed me to finish along the bottom edge with Homeluxe 16mm kitchen plinth seal strip in white (£6.00 from B&Q), looks really nice and will accommodate some small unevenness in the flooring. Looks durable, but only time will tell.