Concealed Cisterns and Frames

Concealing your toilet cistern is a great way to adopt a minimalist approach to your bathroom décor. Our concealed cisterns and frames allow you to attach a wall hung toilet to a wall with a solid, sturdy foundation. It ensures ultra-stability and is an easy way to get the designer look of a wall-hung toilet. We also offer a range of stylish dual flush plates for use with your dual flush concealed cistern. Dual flush allows you to choose between a half flush for liquids or a full flush for solids. Finally, we also offer some standalone concealed cisterns that are simple to install and operate with a compact design that make them suitable for installation in a wide range of bathroom suites.

  1. Ceramica Flush Plate For Cistern Frame

  2. Ceramica Contour Cistern Dual Flush Plate

  3. Wirquin Jolly Tank Concealed Cistern

  4. Essentials Concealed Cistern

    Best Seller!

    Essentials Concealed Cistern

  5. Wirquin Jolly-Tronic Touch Free Flushing Valve

  6. Ceramica Concealed Cistern & Frame 500 x 1140mm

  7. Ceramica Concealed Cistern & Frame 500 x 820mm

  8. Ceramica Concealed Cistern & Frame 500 x 820mm with Contour Dual Flush Plate