Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture can make or break a bathroom design. At Plumbworld we realise just how important the furniture is in the goal of making the most of your bathroom. Space and storage are often at a premium, but by using cleverly designed pieces such as bathroom cabinets, cupboards and drawers, you can easily create more space where there was previously none. With a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours on offer including fashionable grey, Plumbworld can guarantee there’s something for every bathroom in the range. Whether you’re looking for small & efficient bathroom storage solutions to keep your essentials or a mirror to ensure you’re looking your best before you head out – we’ve got you covered.

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  1. Vanity Units

    Vanity Units

    290 products
    From £70.00
  2. toilet-and-basin-vanity-units

    Toilet & Basin Vanity Units

    97 products
    From £189.00
  3. back-to-wall-toilet-units

    Back to Wall Toilet Units

    51 products
    From £70.00
  4. Bathroom Storage Cabinets

    Bathroom Storage Cabinets

    212 products
    From £38.96
  5. bathroom-mirror-cabinets

    Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

    67 products
    From £38.96
  6. Bathroom Mirrors

    Bathroom Mirrors

    148 products
    From £13.00
  7. freestanding-bathroom-furniture

    Freestanding Bathroom Furniture

    101 products
    From £44.99
  8. wall-hung-bathroom-furniture

    Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture

    118 products
    From £70.00
  9. pre-assembled-furniture

    Pre-Assembled Furniture

    189 products
    From £70.00
  10. easy-flat-pack-bathroom-furniture

    Easy Flat Pack Bathroom Furniture

    38 products
    From £44.99
  11. modern-bathroom-furniture

    Modern Bathroom Furniture

    286 products
    From £44.99
  12. traditional-bathroom-furniture

    Traditional Bathroom Furniture

    14 choices
    From £79.99
  13. White Bathroom Furniture

    White Bathroom Furniture

    100 products
    From £44.99
  14. Grey Bathroom Furniture

    Grey Bathroom Furniture

    123 products
    From £70.00
  15. Wood Bathroom Furniture

    Wood Bathroom Furniture

    78 products
    From £70.00
  16. coloured-bathroom-furniture

    Coloured Bathroom Furniture

    126 products
    From £49.99