Basin Wastes

When redesigning your bathroom the extras and accessories can be just as important as the bath, shower or toilet and the wastes, specifically the Basin Wastes can make a real impact to the look of your vanity unit or basin. They’re available in square or round styles, push, click or flip top and some are still available with a good old fashioned plug! You can now easily create a brilliant seal between the waste and your basin which will stay watertight almost indefinitely.

  1. slotted-basin-wastes-for-basins-with-an-overflow-hole

    Slotted Basin Wastes (For Basins with an Overflow Hole)

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  2. unslotted-basin-wastes-for-basins-without-an-overflow-hole

    Unslotted Basin Wastes (For Basins without an Overflow Hole)

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    From £17.99
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