Modern Basins

Contemporary bathroom basins for all spaces

Basins and sinks are pretty integral parts of any bathroom. They’re used for cleaning teeth, washing hands and any other general cleaning that we might need to do on a day to day basis. Our range of modern bathroom basins includes something for everyone, with single tap hole basins, double tap hole basins, wall hung basins, full pedestal basins and semi-pedestal basins we’ll definitely have the thing for you. Designs vary greatly too, with the option of rounded basins or square basins depending on your preference and the space that you’ve got available. Our modern basins don’t come supplied with brassware so you’ll need to decide on which tap or taps best match the rest of your bathroom design.

  1. Affine Roubaix Countertop Basin - 410 x 330mm

  2. Affine Cambrai Countertop Basin - 360 x 360mm

  3. Affine Cannes Countertop Basin - 365 x 365mm

  4. Essentials Budget Full Pedestal 2 Tap Hole Bathroom Sink

  5. Affine Rochelle Countertop Basin - 400 x 300mm

  6. Ceramica Asti Wall Hung Basin - 410 x 225mm

  7. Essentials Budget Full Pedestal 1 Tap Hole Bathroom Sink

  8. Affine Vannes Countertop Basin - 505 x 350mm

  9. Ceramica Acuto Wall Hung Basin - 305 x 255mm

  10. Ceramica Asti Wall Hung Basin- 405 x 230mm

  11. Ceramica Veneto Wall Hung Corner Basin - 550 x 390mm

  12. ceramica-elba-wall-hung-basin-350-x-350mm

    Best Seller!

    Ceramica Elba Wall Hung Basin - 350 x 350mm

  13. Ceramica Tivoli Full Pedestal Bathroom Sink - SAN6601BFP

  14. Ceramica Naples Full Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  15. Affine Toulon Semi Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  16. Affine Royan Full Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  17. Affine Vienne Basin & Semi Pedestal

  18. Ceramica Arles Full Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  19. Affine Amelie Semi Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  20. Affine Vienne Full Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  21. Affine Bordeaux Semi Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  22. Affine Toulon Full Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  23. Affine Monaco Full Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  24. Ceramica Marseille Full Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  25. Affine Oceane Full Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  26. Affine Amelie Full Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  27. RAK Ceramics Resort Full Pedestal & 50cm Bathroom Sink

  28. Affine Monaco Semi Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  29. Affine Bordeaux Full Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  30. RAK Ceramics Origin Full Pedestal & 52cm Bathroom Sink

  31. RAK Ceramics Series 600 Full Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  32. RAK Ceramics Tonique Full Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  33. RAK Ceramics Resort Full Pedestal & 55cm Bathroom Sink