Multipanel Waterproof Wall Panels

If you're looking for an alternative to tiling, look no further than Multipanel. These clever panels are a quick and easy way to instantly enhance your bathroom aesthetics without the fuss and mess of tiling. They are packed with innovative features & benefits and have a wide range of designs and colours to choose from to suit any interior.

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  1. multipanel-alcove-panel-packs

    Multipanel Alcove Panel Packs

    76 products
    From £653.87
  2. multipanel-corner-panel-packs

    Multipanel Corner Panel Packs

    76 products
    From £412.66
  3. multipanel-single-panels

    Multipanel Single Panels

    241 products
    From £95.55
  4. multipanel-luxury-click-flooring

    Multipanel Luxury Click Flooring

    6 choices
    From £86.12
  5. multipanel-samples

    Multipanel Samples

    73 products
    From £0.50
  6. multipanel-accessories

    Multipanel Accessories

    38 products
    From £30.64

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  8. multipanel-contemporary-senora-stone-sample

    Multipanel Contemporary Senora Stone Sample

  9. multipanel-linda-barker-siena-marble-sample

    Multipanel Linda Barker Siena Marble Sample

  10. multipanel-contemporary-tavolo-taupe-sample

    Multipanel Contemporary Tavolo Taupe Sample

  11. multipanel-linda-barker-black-pietra-sample

    Multipanel Linda Barker Black Pietra Sample

  12. multipanel-pure-antique-rose-sample

    Multipanel Pure Antique Rose Sample

  13. multipanel-pure-white-mineral-sample

    Multipanel Pure White Mineral Sample

  14. multipanel-pure-black-mineral-sample

    Multipanel Pure Black Mineral Sample

  15. multipanel-pure-misty-blue-sample

    Multipanel Pure Misty Blue Sample

  16. multipanel-linda-barker-onyx-marble-sample

    Multipanel Linda Barker Onyx Marble Sample

  17. multipanel-pure-white-gypsum-sample

    Multipanel Pure White Gypsum Sample

  18. multipanel-pure-sage-green-sample

    Multipanel Pure Sage Green Sample

  19. multipanel-pure-dust-grey-sample

    Multipanel Pure Dust Grey Sample

  20. multipanel-pure-taupe-grey-sample

    Multipanel Pure Taupe Grey Sample

  21. multipanel-pure-white-grey-sample

    Multipanel Pure White Grey Sample

  22. multipanel-pure-monument-grey-sample

    Multipanel Pure Monument Grey Sample

  23. multipanel-pure-levanto-marble-sample

    Multipanel Pure Levanto Marble Sample

  24. multipanel-herringbone-alpine-white-tile-sample

    Multipanel Tile Alpine White Herringbone Sample

  25. multipanel-metro-tile-alpine-white-sample

    Multipanel Tile Alpine White Metro Sample

  26. multipanel-herringbone-tile-antique-rose-sample

    Multipanel Tile Antique Rose Herringbone Sample

  27. multipanel-metro-antique-rose-tile-sample

    Multipanel Tile Antique Rose Metro Sample

  28. multipanel-antique-rose-tile-sample

    Multipanel Tile Antique Rose Sample

  29. multipanel-black-mineral-tile-sanple

    Multipanel Tile Black Mineral Sample

  30. multipanel-herringbone-tile-misty-blue-sample

    Multipanel Tile Misty Blue Herringbone Sample

  31. multipanel-metro-tile-misty-blue-sample

    Multipanel Tile Misty Blue Metro Sample

  32. multipanel-misty-blue-tile-sample

    Multipanel Tile Misty Blue Sample

  33. multipanel-herringbone-tile-sage-green-sample

    Multipanel Tile Sage Green Herringbone sample

  34. multipanel-metro-tile-sage-green-sample

    Multipanel Tile Sage Green Metro Sample

  35. multipanel-sage-green-tile-sample

    Multipanel Tile Sage Green Sample

  36. multipanel-dust-grey-tile-sample

    Multipanel Tile Dust Grey Sample

  37. multipanel-herringbone-tile-dust-grey-sample

    Multipanel Tile Dust Grey Herringbone Sample

  38. multipanel-metro-tile-dust-grey-sample

    Multipanel Tile Dust Grey Metro Sample

  39. multipanel-herringbone-tile-taupe-grey-sample

    Multipanel Tile Taupe Grey Herringbone Sample

  40. multipanel-metro-tile-taupe-grey-sample

    Multipanel Tile Taupe Grey Metro Sample

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