Square Shower Trays

Our fantastic range of square shower trays are supplied in a huge array of sizes and as adjustable height, easy plumb or low profile trays. A low profile tray allows you to have the tray fitted flat to the floor with the waste pipes underneath the floorboards and an easy plumb tray gives you or your installer space underneath the tray to fit the waste, handy if you have a concrete floor or you're at ground level. These square shower trays are also finished in white so you'll have no problems matching it with your existing bathroom items.

  1. low-profile-square-shower-trays

    Low Profile Square Shower Trays

    14 choices
    From £49.99
  2. easy-plumb-square-shower-trays

    Easy Plumb Square Shower Trays

    14 choices
    From £74.99
  3. square-wetroom-shower-trays

    Square Wetroom Shower Trays

    2 choices
    From £299.97