Low Profile Shower Trays

For those looking for an ultra-sleek look in their bathroom then go no further than our simple but sublime low-profile shower trays. They’re only 40mm high and sit snugly to the floor, creating a wet room effect that can’t be matched when it comes to style. They’re made from a really tough acrylic capped stone resin which means they’ll easy put up with the day to day use that a shower tray gets, and the smooth surface feels great on your feet! They’re available in a number of different sizes depending on the area that you need to fit one in and can be purchased in either a quadrant or an offset quadrant variation too. All of our low-profile shower trays are finished in a crisp white to complement any style of bathroom.

  1. low-profile-square-shower-trays

    Low Profile Square Shower Trays

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    From £49.97
  2. Low Profile Rectangular Shower Trays

    Low Profile Rectangular Shower Trays

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    From £64.97
  3. low-profile-quadrant-shower-trays

    Low Profile Quadrant Shower Trays

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  4. low-profile-offset-quadrant-shower-trays

    Low Profile Offset Quadrant Shower Trays

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    From £139.97