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If you’re looking for a more accessible toilet, look no further than our range of shower toilets. Primarily designed for the care sector, our collection of Assisted Living toilets includes shower and bidet toilets, ideal for those with limited mobility. These disabled toilets include a wide range of innovative features for you to enjoy, including air dryers, rimless ceramic pans, odour extraction, and whirl spray technology, all allowing you to choose your perfect shower toilet experience.

If you suffer from health problems and require a mobility aid, you might be looking for a toilet that allows complete accessibility and independence. With this range of shower toilets, you’ll find toilets that are incredibly accessible and user-friendly. Boasting innovative features, including gentle intimate hygiene cleaning with an adjustable spray arm, air drying, and rimless pans, you’re sure to find the perfect shower toilet for your property. An additional luxury is a rimless pan, allowing a much cleaner toilet than your average one. From the outside, these toilets will look exactly the same, but once you open the lid, you’ll see the difference. Rimless toilets are incredibly easy to clean and prevent any build up of unwanted bacteria or dirt.

For an extra touch of luxury, our shower toilets include touch free operation, designed to detect movement when you are seated on the toilet, so this clever toilet knows when to start washing and drying. This touch free operation is also designed to flush your toilet with ease. You can also find a convenient remote control, perfect for controlling your toilet at the touch of a button and without having to manoeuvre yourself when you’re seated on the toilet.

Our range of shower toilets are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring they will stand the test of time.

Discover our full range of Shower Toilets below. 

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