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Croydex Gloss White Storage Side Bath Panel

Storage solution with a bath panel

Storage in my bathroom was desperately needed. Having a tiny bathroom I used to pop out my acrylic bath panel to store cleaning and washing supplies. This of course, broke the panel after a couple of years and I looked for something built for purpose. Finding the storage bath panel was a real find. The panel is very pleasing on the eye, solid and the paint finish bounces light onto the floor. Ive seen other bath panels advertised but they usually drop the whole side, I dont have space to drop the entire side owing to the sink pedestal being in the way. Therefore this storage bath panel from BATHPANELS really are superior in every way. There are two access hatches disguised as panels on the front to get to your stored items. The hatches are firmly held in place by a lip at the bottom and magnets, all of which are completely hidden. Fitting the panel is very simple, even for a DIY disaster zone like me. Cleaning the panel is very simple, just wipe with a damp cloth or a wet wipe and its done. Im very happy with my purchase, especially as the price was lower than all acrylic versions but much stronger and looking more professional.


Vasari MDF Gloss White Bath Panel 1700mm

bath panel

side panel adds a nice sleek finnish to the bath and compliments the other matching units in the bathroom. comes adequately packed, care should be taken when handling its not really heavy but is on the heavy side.the gloss finnish is easy to keep clean. Took me and the son about an hour to fit, would recommend 2 people to fit it to make it easier,doesnt come with any instructions although its easy enough for the average person to work it out.the beauty of this type of panel is the adjustability of the height to allow for uneven floors.only comes with the screws to secure the bottom plinth, i bought and used 4 large magnet clips to hold the panel in place. i purchased a cup sucker from screw fix to help remove it if needed which was only £4-00 overall very happy with it.was in a sale when i bought it with 20% off so even more of a bargain.


Coram Frameless Sliding Shower Screen

Ideal screen for curtain replacement

Excellant service from Pumbworld.Swiftly despatched with email updates re delivery. Purchased to replace shower curtain in small bathroom, after looking at cheaper alternatives in shops this one had great reviews online so we opted for it. 2 glass panels, one slides behing the other, for bath entry /storage. Very solid feel to it in every respect & swings across bath when not in use. Looks smart & doesnt intrude into the room, far less than a curtain, & doesnt stick to you when showering like said curtain! Husband & son installed even though both are DIY challenged! It was trickier than website had led them to believe but they managed in in under 2 hours & it doesnt leak & works as it should do! Couldnt recommend more highly for quality,looks,price & functionality.

Jorden Flynn

Affine Oceane Bathroom Suite with 1600 x 700mm Bath

Complete bathroom suite now fitted

When you first buy a product you can only review the first impression. In my case the first impression was to find a cracked water tank. Within 3 days I had a replacement with no hassle - 100% excellent service. Now its fitted & working. The appearance is good, dimensions are good, overall impression is very good. As a one man company the service I received was excellent. I cant afford to be wasting time waiting for replacement parts so I would definitely recommend this company. Only downside is the dispatch people and the delivery team do not coordinate. You get emails from one saying it is on its way in 2 days, and emails from delivery saying they havent even got it to delivery. If this can be sorted they will be top notch.

A Hydes

Wirquin Jolly Tank Concealed Cistern

A good purchase

This is a good product but you have to be a bit careful as you install it because the instructions/diagrammes leave a little to the imagination in some respects. I had to call the manufacture to clarify before I cut the down pipe e.g. both ends are grooved - which one should you loose in cutting? (apparently because it is made in France so hence more pictures than words in the instructions!). Also the fitting between the bottom of the cistern and the down pipe was very very tight to the point that you'd think it would not fit (needs to be lubed). Also ambiguous about which way round the lid should fit (it will fit both ways). Manufacture did answer all my queries efficiently though. Its a bit flimsy too - a bit like a Renault Clio - ingeniously engineered but expecting some heroics from plastic! Nevertheless, a good buy and when installed works like a dream.

Cristian Oliver