Small Baths

Small Baths - Save Space While Blissfully Soaking

When you have a small bathroom a bath can take up an awful lot of the small amount of space available to you. You could save space by simply having just a shower enclosure, but that would mean you have to give up those relaxing soaking sessions. We’ve fixed this problem by providing a range of baths that are smaller than your average bath with great space saving designs. You can still have a great bathroom suite with a bath, even if you are limited on space.

  1. Ceramica Curved Bath - 1500mm

    Ceramica Curved Small Bath - 1500mm

  2. Ceramica Contessa Steel Bath - 1500mm (Standard)

    Ceramica Contessa Steel Small Bath - 1500mm (Standard)

  3. Ceramica Square Bath - 1600mm

    Ceramica Square Small Bath - 1600mm

  4. Ceramica Carla Steel Bath with Grip - 1500mm (Anti-Slip)

    Ceramica Carla Small Steel Bath with Grip - 1500mm (Anti-Slip)