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Waste Traps & Fittings

It’s easy to forget the smaller things when you’re looking to design a bathroom fitted with the latest shower enclosure or freestanding bath, but every part – regardless of its size – plays a vital role in ensuring your bathroom operates to the best of its ability. For example, a shower isn’t complete without a decent waste while basins can also benefit through high quality wastes and bottle traps. Here at Plumworld we only stock the best of everything, so we even put a lot of effort into ensuring that even the tiniest waste is of the best quality to keep you, the customer, as happy as larry..

  1. Basin Wastes

    Basin Wastes

    10 choices
    From £9.99
  2. Basin Bottle Traps

    Basin Bottle Traps

    7 choices
    From £9.50
  3. Bath Wastes

    Bath Wastes

    7 choices
    From £24.99
  4. bath-traps

    Bath Traps

    2 choices
    From £9.70
  5. Shower Wastes

    Shower Wastes

    6 choices
    From £8.49
  6. Standpipes


    1 choices
    From £59.99