Hinged Shower Doors

With reversible doors and smooth, high-quality hinges, one of our hinged shower enclosures is the best way to add a bit of class to your bathroom. These particular enclosures are supplied with a door only for installation into a 3-sided alcove rather than a corner. Within our hinged door collection there are a range of designs and a range of widths available so no matter your requirements we’ll have something to suit.

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  2. Diamond Hinged Shower Door 1000mm with 1000 x 800mm Tray - 8mm

  3. diamond-framed-hinged-shower-door-1000mm-8mm-glass

    Diamond Hinged Shower Door 1000mm - 8mm

  4. diamond-800mm-framed-hinged-shower-door-8mm-glass

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    Diamond Hinged Shower Door 800mm - 8mm

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    £ 259.99

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  5. diamond-760mm-framed-hinged-shower-door-8mm-glass

    Diamond Framed Hinged Shower Door 760mm - 8mm

  6. diamond-900mm-framed-hinged-shower-door-8mm-glass

    Diamond Hinged Shower Door 900mm - 8mm

    Was £ 289.00

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    £ 269.99

    In Stock
  7. diamond-black-hinged-shower-door-900mm-8mm-glass

    Diamond Hinged Shower Door 900mm - 8mm Black

  8. Diamond Hinged Shower Door 900mm with 900 x 900mm Tray - 8mm

  9. mira-ascend-1200mm-frameless-hinged-shower-door-8mm-glass-11862178

    Mira Ascend Frameless Hinged Shower Door 1200mm - 8mm 1.1862.178

    Was £ 892.55

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    £ 831.49

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