Saniflo Macerators

Saniflo Macerators have been produced for over 50 years !

Saniflo Macerators are manufactured by the SFA Group whose mission has remained to make it easy for homeowners to add additional bathroom and kitchen facilities to their homes without major construction work. They literally invented the macerating system and Saniflo remains the market leader in domestic and commercial macerators.  Synonymous with quality and technical expertise, their products comply with the strictest technical requirements and approvals. Every product is fabricated to the highest standards in France and thoroughly tested. Saniflo have years of experience and are always refining and enhancing their designs.

  1. Saniflo Pre 2017 Range

    From £16.97
    with 8 choices

  2. Saniflo 2017 New Improved Range

    From £16.97
    with 14 choices



Saniflo Sanipro Up Macerator Pump - 6006

Sanipro Macerator

Economically priced at Plumbworld compared to several other sites. Standard (no extra charge) delivery - received on date / time promised. Fitted by plumber (to replace faulty unit) in 45mins - works well, quiet and efficient.


Saniflo UP Macerator Pump- 6001


Refurbishment bathroom project - The saniwall is a convenient basis to work from, the wall hung lavatory tidies up the bathroom. The Saniflo makes the inprobable possible, works well and quiet when the casing is complete.


Saniflo CleanerDescaler 5L

Saniflo Descaler and Cleanser

Excellent price, service and delivery time. Will recommend and buy again

Barbara Sims

Saniflo Saniplus Up Macerator Pump - 6003


Excellent product, does what is says on the tin. Fast delivery.