Baths By Size

Baths of all shapes & sizes

We understand that all bathrooms are different sizes and that there isn’t a one size fits all rule when it comes to getting a bath tub that suits you and your lifestyle. That’s why we’ve categorised our baths by size and by type so you can choose exactly the right thing you’re looking for. You can take your pick from small, space-saving baths which are only 1400mm in length, right up to our large, spacious 1800mm models. Most come with the option to have Whirlpool jets, some are freestanding and other are shower baths so we hope that we can cater for anything that you want.

  1. 1100mm-baths

    1100mm Baths

    6 choices
    From £859.97
  2. 1200mm-baths

    1200mm Baths

    6 choices
    From £999.97
  3. 1400mm-baths

    1400mm Baths

    7 choices
    From £249.97
  4. 1500mm-baths

    1500mm Baths

    10 choices
    From £94.97
  5. 1600mm-baths

    1600mm Baths

    14 choices
    From £99.97
  6. 1700mm-baths

    1700mm Baths

    50 products
    From £104.97
  7. 1800mm-baths

    1800mm Baths

    30 products
    From £119.97