Bathroom Taps

Bathroom Taps For Any Style of Bathroom

Bathroom taps matched with the rest of your bathroom is a styling factor that should never be overlooked. Such a simple change can have a massive impact on the flow and composition of the entire room. That’s why we’ve gone to such lengths to provide you with the latest designs that look stylish without costing the Earth. Picking the correct taps and matching them isn’t something that should be taken lightly – give yourself time to ensure you choose taps that are both complementary and functional. Whether you prefer the UK style of separate hot and cold taps or the European single mixer tap configuration we have ranges for you.

  1. Bathroom Taps - Curved Styles

    From £14.95
    with 72 choices

    Bathroom Taps - Curved Styles
  2. Bathroom Taps - Square Styles

    From £14.95
    with 37 choices

    Bathroom Taps - Square Styles
  3. Waterfall Bathroom Taps

    From £34.97
    with 12 choices

    Waterfall Bathroom Taps
  4. Traditional Bathroom Taps

    From £23.97
    with 21 choices

    Traditional Bathroom Taps
  5. Bathroom Taps By Type

    From £10.97
    with 168 choices

    Bathroom Taps By Type
  6. Bathroom Tap Spares

    From £4.97
    with 25 choices

    Bathroom Tap Spares
  7. Clearance Bathroom Taps

    From £10.97
    with 42 choices

    Clearance Bathroom Taps


Mira Excel Thermostatic BSM EV Chrome

An Excellent Product!

I am delighted with this product. I wanted a Mira Excel Thermostatic shower over my bath, but was dreading the prospect of hacking the wall out to fit pipes and then having to buy separate taps for the bath. An ordinary bsm mixer tap would have been a nuisance to get the water temp right on every use, and potentially unsafe for kids. And then I found this - totally by chance, and it does the lot beautifully. A really good quality item - my plumber was very impressed. Very easy to fit - it fits into the standard tap holes on the bath, so theres no need for fitting extra pipes and it makes tiling much easier. However, it is really heavy, so Im not sure whether you would need quite a good quality bath to take the weight. Performance is exceptional, just as youd expect from a Mira Excel Thermostatic. You just set your temperature and turn the lever - left for shower and right for bath - it really couldnt be easier. Although this product is not cheap, I feel I have saved because I didnt need separate taps for the bath, so overall, I think its excellent value for money. Im not sure whether this is a new product, because Ive only been able to find one other review for it, but I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who wants to fit a shower over the bath, youd be daft not to!


Architeckt Misa Basin Mixer Tap


Bought one of these to replace a Bristan Basin Mixer for our luxury/high end Bathroom, when we felt the weight and solid quality and extra smooth action we simply had to buy another - from Plumbworld as the price was less than that of much inferior products from our usual source in fact less than half the pice of the original item - so thank you thank you [oh and did I mention they were both delivered in less than 48 hrs and I didn't have to leave the house...:)..]

John Mills

Architeckt Osmo Basin Mixer Tap

14 basin mixer tap

this tap is well worth the money- fantastic modern design and wishing budget compared to other stores I had seen taps on like Homebase or something! I was very worried about what the product quality may be because it was so cheap- but I was pleasantly surprised it is amazing quality and the delivery service for the tap was super fast and efficient !!! Im going to order my bath taps next!


Aqualisa Midas 110 Exposed Bath Shower Mixer - MD110BSM

Replacement for a broken electrical shower

Recently we installed a new combi boiler (1 bed flat) so when the electric shower decided to act up, the plumber suggested getting a shower off the mains instead (and hence make sure of the higher pressure from the new boiler.) We opted for this one as coming off the bath taps it would require less effort to fit and the thermostat was key - no one wants to have to continually adjust the taps! The plumber said it was slightly harder to install than he predicted (though that may be due to our bath piping arrangement more than anything else) but it works very well. There are much cheaper options available but the good reviews and the importance of a decent shower in the morning convinced us to go for this one and it does the job well so cant complain! Note: Ours is not a terribly fancy home - this might not be the best option if the overall look of it is a priority!