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Bathroom Taps

Looking for bathroom taps? Well, you’re in the right place, because here at Plumbworld we stock a fantastic selection of bathroom taps to suit all tastes and styles.

Shop stylish bathroom taps at Plumbworld

Bathroom taps that compliment the rest of your bathroom is a styling factor that should never be overlooked. Here at Plumbworld, we’re here to provide you with the latest bathroom basin taps that look stylish, without costing the Earth. Whether you prefer the UK style of separate hot and cold taps, or the European single mixer tap configuration, we have exactly what you’re looking for! Shop online now!

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  11. Architeckt 12mm x 400mm Flexible Tails

  12. Cramer Chrom Star - Chrome Polish

  13. Cramer Tap Cleaner

  14. Essentials Basin Mixer Tap

  15. Essentials Misa Mini Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  16. Architeckt Misa Cloakroom Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  17. Architeckt Malmo Mini Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  18. Architeckt Malmo Basin Taps

  19. Architeckt Ibbardo Mini Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  20. Architeckt Osmo Mini Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  21. Architeckt Dakota Cloakroom Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  22. Architeckt Malmo Bath Taps

  23. Architeckt Misa Basin Mixer Tap

  24. Architeckt Boden Basin Mixer Tap

  25. Architeckt Malmo Basin Mixer Tap

  26. Architeckt Evedal Basin Mixer Tap

  27. Architeckt Osmo Basin Mixer Tap

  28. Essentials Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  29. Architeckt Misa Basin Taps

  30. Park Lane Oxford Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  31. Park Lane Winchester Basin Taps

  32. Architeckt Lattra Basin Mixer Tap

  33. Architeckt Maderna Basin Mixer Tap

  34. Architeckt Misa Bath Taps

  35. Architeckt Dakota Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  36. Park Lane Worcester Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  37. Architeckt Ibbardo Basin Mixer Tap

  38. Architeckt Edsberg Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  39. Architeckt Lund Basin Mixer Tap

  40. Architeckt Skara Basin Mixer Tap

  41. Park Lane Oxford Bath Taps

  42. Merano Mode Basin Mixer Tap

  43. Park Lane Winchester Mono Basin Mixer Tap

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Aqualisa Midas Basin Mixer & Bath Mixer Tap Set

Fantastic taps at a great price

Fantastic taps at a great price Very stylish Great value

Jane Jordan

Mira Virtue Basin Taps

Good buy

Product as described went for Mira because they have a good reputation.

Ken H

Grohe Eurosmart Basin Mixer Tap with Smooth Body

Great Taps

Ordered two ready for instalation when our building project is completed. excellent quality product and perfect service from Plumbworld.

Gordon Danks

Amelie Single Ended 1700mm Bathroom Suite - Including Taps, Waste & Screen


Excellent product. Good price and excellent customer service again by plumbworld staff.


Park Lane Winchester Mono Basin Mixer Tap

Great taps

Very good taps at a great price. Value for money. Quick and efficient delivery too.

Scott Ramsay

Architeckt Ibbardo Mini Mono Basin Mixer Tap

Great tap

Great little tap, good value for money and looks a lot more expensive than it was.

Claire Carvalho

Architeckt Motala Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

Stunning Tap

Looks great and gives a lovely finishing touch to the wash basin.

A. Shad

Park Lane Oxford Bath Shower Mixer Tap

Excellent quality for an excellent price

Looks and functions like many similar more expensive mixer taps.

Roger Inns

Architeckt Edsberg High Rise Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

Waterfall tap

Love this tap goes lovely with my new sink would recommend


Bathroom Taps - Contemporary vs. Traditional:

Whilst it’s common practice to install contemporary looking bathroom taps in a modern setting and similarly, traditional styles in a classic bathroom; that’s not always the case. In some instances the look of a bathroom can strongly benefit from a contrast in styling, however, it needs to be done extremely carefully to pull it off and not look out of place. Don’t think you can just choose two clashing styles and they’ll somehow work – it's definitely not that easy. Consult a bathroom designer or if you have a keen eye for detail and designs, have a browse through our range for styles that will work well to improve the overall look of the room.


It's The Little Things That Matter...

Whilst the big bathroom items are obviously important, the smaller things should never be neglected. Many designers believe that the appeal of a room can be defined by the finer details – think taps and accessories. That’s why they shouldn’t just be bought on a whim. We have a wide selection available to give you the biggest choice possible. With a whole host of bath fillers, basin mixers, wall-mounted and floor standing options on sale, there’s no doubt that your perfect choice are just a couple of clicks away.


New Bathroom Taps Are An Affordable Upgrade

Many people believe that upgrading a bathroom involves ripping showers out, installing new baths and doing everything on a big scale, but that’s not entirely true. A bathroom can be freshened up simply by introducing a fresh set of new fittings into it such as basin or bath mixers. Replacing old bathroom taps that no longer operate correctly or that don’t match the decor can be one of the simplest ways to improve the overall look of your bathroom without breaking the bank. Not only is this an affordable modification, but it can also give your room a feeling of quality and unity, especially if you opt for a group range of styles rather than mixing and matching different styles. This is quickly becoming one of the most common bathroom upgrades and it’s easy to see why when it’s so simple and represents fantastic value for money.


What Do Our Customers Think?

We’ve had thousands upon thousands of people invest in a variety of our taps over the years and many of these choose to leave a review to help out other shoppers. Whilst we do our best to describe the taps and explain their features, previous buyers may inform you of functionality that we’ve overlooked such as how easy they are to clean, what bathroom styles suit the design and so on. Reviews include both the good and bad, but it’s worth taking others’ opinions into consideration when making up your own mind and make sure you leave reviews to help others after you!


Understanding The Jargon:

  • Monobloc Basin Mixer - A single bodied tap that combines hot and cold water for the washbasin

  • Basin Taps – Traditional hot and cold units for the washbasin

  • Bath Taps – Traditional hot and cold units for filling the bath

  • High Basin Mixer – A raised bodied basin mixer for use with countertop washbasins

  • Waterfall Taps– A design with an open outlet so the water comes out in a waterfall pattern

  • Wall Mounted – These are fixed to the wall, not the bath or basin directly

  • Bath Shower Mixer – Combination of Bath Mixer  and shower handset

  • Ceramic Disc – New Technology replacing washers for leak free operation

  • UK Bathroom Tap Configuration - Seperate hot and cold taps