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Shower Pumps To Improve Shower Performance

A shower pump can turn a dull morning wash into a memorable, invigorating shower experience that will completely blow you away. More stimulating power will result from a shower with a connected pump and not only will this help to freshen you up in the morning but it will also be the perfect way to relax after a stressful day at work. The only downside is that you’ll probably want to stay in the shower even longer than normal, so keep an eye on the clock to avoid wasting water. With the wide range of shower pumps available at Plumbworld, you get the best combination of quality and reliability on the market; all at an affordable price.

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  1. Single Impeller Shower Pumps

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    Single Impeller Shower Pumps
  2. Twin Impeller Shower Pumps (Hot & Cold)

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    Twin Impeller Shower Pumps (Hot & Cold)
  3. Stuart Turner Shower Pumps

    From £24.97
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    Stuart Turner Shower Pumps
  4. Salamander Shower Pumps

    From £23.68
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    Salamander Shower Pumps
  5. Grundfos Watermill Shower Pumps

    From £92.03
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    Grundfos Watermill Shower Pumps
  6. Mains Water Boosting Pumps

    From £179.41
    with 9 choices

    Mains Water Boosting Pumps
  7. Shower Pump Accessories

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    Shower Pump Accessories
  8. Clearance Shower Pumps

    From £119.97
    with 1 choices

    Clearance Shower Pumps


Stuart Turner Monsoon Shower Pump 2.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head - 46415

Top Rate Pump 'JUST THE BEST'

I have replaced a very noisy Grundfos 'STC-2.0 C' which has only given 2+ years light duty service. Also running a 15+ year old Mira PPT-3 on a 2nd. shower [would have got another but no longer manufactured] so I used this as a benchmark to purchase the Monsoon pump. Well I did not think I would find a better pump than the PPT-3 as it has been so good BUT the Stuart Turner Monsoon has topped it. It looks and feels like a very well engineered bit of kit and it is ever so quiet [better than the PPT-3] which to me is very important. Good value when discounted and it comes with a 5 year warranty.

Jaidyn Douglas

Stuart Turner Showermate Shower Pump 1.8 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head- 46407

Replacement Shower Pump

My original shower pump died a horrible death and ended up causing a massive leak which ruined the ceiling below it. I ordered this pump as a direct replacement and Im seriously impressed with the item and service from this company. The pump itself was almost identical to the previous meaning I didnt need to relocate it or change pipework. The item itself arrived within a couple of days even though I didnt pay for any Express delivery. Very happy


Stuart Turner Showermate Shower Pump 1.8 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head- 46407

Great value and performance

After having suffered from pressure problems with my shower I invested in a Showermate 1,8 twin pump from Stuart Turner. My plumber fitted it in a couple of hours and the difference in performance has been remarkable. The total purchase exprience with Plumbworld, from order to delivery, was excellent. I was kept informed by email continuously and the pump arrived ahead of schedule.

Ron Williams

Grundfos Watermill Amazon 2.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head Pump

Quality kit

I wanted to change my old 1.5 bar salamander pump serving a single shower to an uprated pump to serve two showers. Having compared the specs; reviews and prices of various pumps I decided to go for the Grundfoss watermill Amazon 2 bar pump. I was not disappointed, I could see immediately this pump was a well engineered piece of quality kit.

Brough super

Salamander CT55XTRA Shower Pump 1.5 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head

Cheap and good value

The pump was installed for a very particular client. It has done what we required in boosting the cold water supply from an existing cold water tank to all taps in the property. Although this didn't have any vibration pads in the mountings there has been little vibration on the installed product

Maren Matthews

Grundfos Watermill Amazon 2.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head Pump

Great Shower Pump!

I bought this shower pump to replace a very similar previous pump and it was a very straight forward swap-over. I live in a hard water area so these pumps tend to die after about five years. It arrived quickly so I was soon up and running again. Thanks Plumbworld.


Stuart Turner Monsoon Shower Pump 3.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head - 46416

An excellent purchase which provides constant pressure to both my fitted showers. It arrived within 72 hours (my plumber took longer!). It is not small to hide away but is stylish and quieter than my previous pump (not Stuart Turner!!). Highly recommended

Giuliana Kennedy

Triton T550i 1.2 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head Shower Pump

Replacement Shower Pump

The shower pump broke down and within an hour we had purchased the new one. It was easy to find on the internet and ordering was quick and straightforward. Dealing with the company was a positive experience with very good communication and quick delivery.

Lilly David

Stuart Turner Monsoon Shower Pump 2.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head - 46415

Stuart Turner Monsoon

I bought this based on other reviews. I wanted to replace an existing, and extremely noisy, generic shower pump. The Monsoon lived up to all those reviews and more. It is very heavy, conveying a quality feel. Installation is straightforward and it is so quiet I wasnt even sure it was on. Plumbworld provided good service, keeping me up to date as the item was out of stock. Delivery was on time as promised. I made my descision based on price, the service was a very welcome bonus.


Salamander CT50XTRAShower Pump 1.5 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head Regenerative

a new experience

i purchased this shower pump on the 2nd jan 2013, it arrived within 48hrs,I would have written a review earlier,the reason for the delay was that I only got it installed a week ago, after using and electric mains feed shower for many yrs, fitting this pump with a thermostatic mixer showering now is a whole new experience.