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Shower Pumps To Improve Shower Performance

A shower pump can turn a dull morning wash into a memorable, invigorating shower experience that will completely blow you away. More stimulating power will result from a shower with a connected pump and not only will this help to freshen you up in the morning but it will also be the perfect way to relax after a stressful day at work. The only downside is that you’ll probably want to stay in the shower even longer than normal, so keep an eye on the clock to avoid wasting water. With the wide range of shower pumps available at Plumbworld, you get the best combination of quality and reliability on the market; all at an affordable price.

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  1. Single Impeller Shower Pumps

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    Single Impeller Shower Pumps
  2. Twin Impeller Shower Pumps (Hot & Cold)

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    Twin Impeller Shower Pumps (Hot & Cold)
  3. Stuart Turner Shower Pumps

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    Stuart Turner Shower Pumps
  4. Salamander Shower Pumps

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    Salamander Shower Pumps
  5. Grundfos Watermill Shower Pumps

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    Grundfos Watermill Shower Pumps
  6. Mains Water Boosting Pumps

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    Mains Water Boosting Pumps
  7. Shower Pump Accessories

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    Shower Pump Accessories
  8. Clearance Shower Pumps

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    Clearance Shower Pumps


Stuart Turner Monsoon Shower Pump 2.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head - 46415

High quality pump

I purchased an ST Monsoon 2 bar to replace a cheap pump that had failed after shortly over a year - I thought it would be fine as it was only having to work one shower but was wrong. Having been let down I went for this as a friend recommended Stuart Turner pumps as being very good quality. This is over-spec for what I need but I wanted to go for something that could handle the current set up but also any additions in the future. It has been in for around 3 weeks and it is light years better than the other one. The noise is massively reduced, and I mean massively. All pumps make some noise but this is really quiet by comparison. The pressure is absolutely fine for what I need and produces a good strong shower. If you are unsure about whether to get something like this or a cheaper alternative i would really recommend going with this. There is no substitute for quality and you will just end paying more in the end as I have done if you go for a cheap option. Delivery from Plumbworld was great, lots of good communication and it arrived when they said it would in good condition.


Stuart Turner Monsoon Shower Pump 2.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head - 46415

Excellent quality product

This is the first water pump I have purchased on recommendation from my bathroom installer. I needed a pump to boost the power to my new showers. First impressions were that the delivery service was exceptionally fast and the item was well packaged. The quality of the product was excellent and once fitted worked as expected by my bathroom installer. The price was very competitive which is a huge positive. I have never had a water pump for boosting shower output in my house before so did not know what to expect in terms of noise. To be honest the pump does create a different noise in my airing cupboard which I hadnt anticipated. Im sure the noise will blend into the background once I get used to it. My new bathroom refurbishment is fantastic and without the water pump I can now appreciate that my existing water pressure would not have provided the showering experience I wanted. I would definitely recommend Plumbworlds water pumps.


Salamander Negative/Positive 3.0 Bar Shower Whole House Pump

Plumbworld Showerpump

Delighted with the product and the service received from Plumbworld. Our showerpump packed up a few weeks ago and our plumber asked me to choose and order a new pump for him to fit. With no expereience of plumbing products, I searched the web, and wih some trepidation ordered a Salamander pump from Plumbworld - hoping that I had bought a quality product from a respectable website. My fears were very quickly put to one side, when I immediately received confirmation emails of my order and a parcel tracking facility to monitor the progress of my purchase. The pump is now fitted and and working perfectly in our en suite bathroom. It is also considerably quieter that our old one which is an added bonus. To cap it all, I have just received a friendly email from Plumbworld, saying that I have 30 days to return the product if I am unhappy. Lovely gesture, but not a chance!

Guy Hayne

Stuart Turner Showermate Eco Shower Pump 2.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head - 46500

An excellent pump at a truly excellent price

I needed t replace my old Stuart Turner shower pump, which for reasons best known to itself had started leaking. The old pump, now discontinued, was 1.4 Bar and cost me £260 when new. It worked well enough, but was so noisy it could be heard throughout the house. Not only is the new pump a lot more powerful it cost less than half the price of the original one and is so quiet in operation the only person who knows the shower is running is the body standing under the shower-head! I would definitely recommend this shower pump. A brief word about Plumbworld while I'm at it: I can't fault the service offered by these guys. A fantastic range of products, excellent prices, an easy ordering process and a very fast turn around/delivery. And that's not all, they're happy to offer FREE help and advice too. Truly brilliant. Well done Plumbworld!

John Page

Grundfos Watermill Amazon 2.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head Pump

Great shower pump

This is a great shower pump. I bought it to replace a plastic bodied pump bought from a DIY store a couple of years ago. That pump failed leaving water leaking through the ceiling of the room below. I ordered this pump because it had great reviews and haven't been disappointed, it is much quieter than the pump it replaced and much more powerful. The push fit connections make fitting it into an existing installation a breeze, I hardly even needed the toolbox. Plumbworld had the best price for this unit and have given great service with quick delivery, they even accommodated my request to change delivery location when I realised I wouldn't be around to accept delivery at the original address. I'm hoping the pump gives long and trouble free service.

Shyann Peterson

Stuart Turner Showermate Shower Pump 1.8 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head- 46407

First Class customer service

I bought this pump as a replacement for my existing showermate shower pump which seemed to have got very temperamental. Upon installing the pump it hadn't resolved the problem. It was actually a blockage in the shower valve inlets that was causing my shower pump not to work. Plumbworld were understanding and allowed me to return the purchased pump and gave me a full refund. As I am selling my house you can imagine how pleased I was not to have this extra expense. The pump itself is easy to install which I did myself with no problem. From this experience I am definitely using plumbworld in future. The prices were competitive and the customer service was exceptional, refund was paid without delay. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Salamander ESP55CPV Shower Pump 1.6 Bar Single Impeller Universal Head Centrifugal

Transformed water flow in my one bedroom flat.

Suffered poor hot water pressure in my flat for 18 months then did some research and chose this pump. Hot water supply now excellent and well balanced with the mains cold water. It's a 2nd floor one bedroom flat with the cold water tank integrated on top of the hot water tank. The top of the water tank is level with the top of the shower. Previous 'plumber' had fitted a central heating recirculating pump to try to give a better water supply, but this was feeble. Salamander pump fitted in its place (via supplied tails and short lengths of speedfit pipe) now give excellent hot water flow and pressure. Showering now a pleasure. Highly recommend for this sort of situation.

Roger Smith

Grundfos Watermill Niagara Shower Pump Twin Impeller Positive Head 2.0 Bar

Excellent service

When I saw this product at easily the cheapest price on the internet (by some considerable margin) I thought it was too good to be true, however I read the reviews and decided to go for it. I am extremely glad I did. The product arrived very quickly, and exactly as advertised with all the relevant hoses, washers and installation instructions. There is little point placing a review on here saying that this pump is a little noisy, because all pumps in this price range create some noise. If its a really quiet pump youre after, you can expect to pay three or four times as much! Absolutely unbeatable at this price, and now theres a race to get to the shower!


Grundfos Watermill Amazon 2.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head Pump

Great booster

Delivery was very timely and within days of ordering. I picked this pump as I wanted to provide additional water supplies to 2 showers. One in the main bathroom and the other in the ensuite bathroom. Installation instructions very clear. I installed the pump in the airing cupboard next to the hot water cylinder, so the hot water inlet supply from the cylinder was easy to rig in 22mm copper pipe. The cold supply came from the header tank above, via a straight run down the wall. The discharge pipes from the pump were vertically up to the loft space and over to the bathroom shower. I installed 2 off 22mm tees to branch off to the ensuite shower. Cold to pump and hot and cold from pump all in 22mm speedfit piping. This pump certainly makes a great difference to the showers as we now have power showers in both bathrooms. I can most definitely recommend this to anyone seeking a similar solution to poor water flows/pressures.


Salamander CT55XTRA Shower Pump 1.5 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head

Just the job

I ordered this pump in order to solve the problem I have been having with poor hot water pressure. The pump arrived promptly and the information from the shower shop insured that I was able to collect the item when delivered. On first inspection the pump looked sterdy and well built. My plumber found the pump easy to install however on further reserch found we would have to get the salamander S flange to go on the cylinder tank to insure the pump was compatible. Once installed the pump operates on demand when the hot water taps or shower are operated and it deliveres a very good pressure to the shower head despite being on the same level as the cylinder tank and having to climb a 2m shower hose. so to sumb up some extra parts were required at small cost, it was easy to install by the plumber and it operates very well, I would recomend this product to anybody whom needs to improve there hot water pressure on a cylinder tank system.

Dashawn Woodward