Toilet Fittings

Have you ever experienced the unfortunate event of going to the loo, only to break the cistern lever? Or have you ever gone to flush the toilet, but realised in a panic that the button no longer works? If you haven’t, then we can assure you now it’s a nuisance beyond belief! If you want to avoid a toilet mishap, luckily, we’re on hand to get spare parts for your cistern and toilet straight out for delivery should the worst happen. In our collection of toilet fittings, you’ll find an extensive range of toilet accessories for every eventuality, including cistern leverspan connectors, and cistern internals, which are all available and in stock ready for order. It might even be worth having some spares handy if you think something’s on the way out!

Discover a range of toilet accessories and fittings for every scenario. You can find a selection of toilet flush buttons, a stylish addition to any toilet and perfect for concealed cisterns, offering a modern feel to your bathroom. If you’re looking for a more classic aesthetic, we also supply a range of cistern levers, boasting a functional solution to flushing your toilet. You’ll also be able to find a selection of practical toilet fittings, perfect for when you need a quick replacement part. Our collection of concealed cisterns and frames are an ideal way of adopting a minimalistic feel in your bathroom. These concealed cisterns and frames are incredibly sturdy, stable, and durable, so you won’t need to worry about longevity. Replacement toilet pans are also a necessity in any bathroom, and with this in mind, we offer a collection of stylish and durable toilet pans for you to purchase.

Each of our toilet fittings comes with a fantastic guarantee for some added peace of mind, along with free delivery! Discover our full range of toilet fittings below. 

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  1. pan-connectors

    Pan Connectors

    1 choice
    From £34.99
  2. cistern-levers

    Cistern Levers

    4 choices
    From £3.29
  3. siphons


    1 choice
    From £16.99
  4. Concealed Cisterns and Frames

    Concealed Cisterns and Frames

    19 products
    From £54.99
  5. flush-plates

    Toilet Flush Buttons

    22 products
    From £26.72
  6. toilet-pans

    Toilet Pans

    1 choice
    From £244.72
  7. flush-valves

    Flush Valves

    1 choice
    From £13.20
  8. fill-valves

    Fill Valves

    8 choices
    From £11.38