Toilet Fittings

  1. Toilet Siphon 10"

    Toilet Siphon 10"

  2. Essentials Modern Cistern Lever

    Essentials Modern Cistern Lever

  3. Ceramica Assisted Care Cistern Lever

    Ceramica Assisted Care Cistern Lever

  4. Teardrop Chrome Cistern Lever

    Teardrop Chrome Cistern Lever

  5. Contemporary Cistern Lever

    Contemporary Cistern Lever

  6. Classic White & Chrome Cistern Lever

    Classic White & Chrome Cistern Lever

  7. Flexible Pan Connector

    Flexible Pan Connector

  8. Wirquin Water Saving Toilet Converter

    Wirquin Water Saving Toilet Converter


Flexible Pan Connector

Better than expected!

I'd never heard of the website before if I'm total honest. We brought a normal waste pipe from a main outlet but when we tried to fit it it wasn't working! :( I looked up the product online and this was I think about the 3/4 website that came up. It was only by chance that I clicked on it. And I'm glad I did! Purchase and checkout was quick and easy with no need to register (unless you wanted to) 3 days later the product arrived, fitted perfectly and so easy and so far... No leaks :) The communication fro the company was very good, letting me know along the way what was happening with the product. Then letting me know even after the sale that I could still return the item - highly recommended! And the product is just great! Thank you

Aden Dixon

Toilet Siphon 10"

great spare

ground floor toilet is in constant use and bought this to replace 10 year old part which otherwise I would have needed to replace the whole toilet with the newer push button cistern types. Needed a few flush lever and floating ball adjustments to get this fitting and working in a tight space.


Contemporary Cistern Lever

Excellent Service!

The service has been second to none. Although the product was out of stock at time of ordering I was always kept informed of when it was likely to be back in stock and the delivery date. I also had the option to order a similar item but it was well worth waiting for the quality is excellent.

Darien Elliott

Classic White & Chrome Cistern Lever

Good Value

First time I have had the cystern level break on my toilet and decided to try and fix it myself before paying someone else. Delighted with the service, qualiy of product and generally clear instructions that came with it.


Teardrop Chrome Cistern Lever


Very pleased with purchase. Excellent service, excellent price/ value for money. I would be very happy to shop here again and I'd also be delighted to recommend plum world to friends and family! :)