Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Are The New Essentials

Bathroom accessories are an essential part of everyday living. A bathroom which has none at will look barren and lonely. To create a luxury, fully functioning bathroom, you need to have these innovative accessories – there is no two ways about it. Whether your bathroom is styled with a contemporary flare or well and truly designed with a traditional era in mind, Plumbworld has a variety of ranges that cater to both ends of the styling spectrum. Whilst the prices can reach into the hundreds, we’ve worked hard on keeping prices down to ensure that you can finish off your bathroom even on a tight budget.

  1. Wall Mounted Bathroom Accessories

    From £3.97
    with 103 choices

    Wall Mounted Bathroom Accessories
  2. Bathroom Accessory Sets

    From £19.97
    with 13 choices

    Bathroom Accessory Sets
  3. Bathroom Mirrors

    From £24.97
    with 44 choices

    Bathroom Mirrors
  4. Toilet Seats

    From £9.97
    with 29 choices

    Toilet Seats
  5. Heated Towel Rails & Towel Radiators

    From £4.37
    with 82 choices

    Heated Towel Rails & Towel Radiators
  6. Bathroom Cleaning

    From £4.97
    with 31 choices

    Bathroom Cleaning
  7. Bathroom Lighting

    From £3.32
    with 17 choices

    Bathroom Lighting
  8. Bathroom Extractor Fans

    From £1.97
    with 97 choices

    Bathroom Extractor Fans
  9. Shower Seats

    From £34.97
    with 5 choices

    shower seats
  10. Grab Rails & Assistive Products

    From £5.97
    with 5 choices

    Grab Rails & Assistive Products
  11. Bathroom Bins

    From £12.97
    with 2 choices

    Bathroom Bins
  12. Shower Curtains & Accessories

    From £4.43
    with 25 choices

    Shower Curtains & Accessories
  13. Toilet Brushes

    From £12.97
    with 6 choices

    Toilet Brushes
  14. Dripguards & Seals

    From £38.00
    with 3 choices

    Dripguards & Seals
  15. Clearance Bathroom Accessories

    From £4.43
    with 59 choices

    Clearance Bathroom Accessories


Greenwood Airvac Silent SR100TR Extractor Fan with Timer

Fantastic Fan

This fan replaced a pre-existing fan of dubious quality in my ensuite, which was noisy, temperamental and a complete pain to live with! Read the online reviews about the Greenwood Airvac Silent, and how quiet it was and was impressed by them as well as the reputation of the company. Everything about my purchase experience was first class, from the easy online ordering to the brilliant delivery which was trackable right down to when the fan was getting loaded onto the van at Glasgow for delivery to my home. My whole experience of ordering the fan has completely exceeded my expectations and I am a very demanding customer. I don't suffer any excuses or delays gladly not that I had to on this occasion. The fan was installed by an all-trades workman very quickly indeed, and he remarked how easy and straight forward it was to install. Now that it's up, it runs nice and quiet, is very discrete and you can't hear it in the bedroom so it's completely unobtrusive - exactly what I wanted! The fan is also good and efficient at extracting and with Greenwood's enviable reputation for reliability and endurance (my mum having had a Greenwood airvac fitted in her 2nd toilet for about 15 years or more); I know that I will have no worries with this one. I wouldn’t hesitate from purchasing anything from this company again - they are truly first class and a pleasure to do business with. I am now thinking of buying this fan again for my main toilet, to replace the pre-existing (cheaper quality) fan already fitted.

Jaliyah Kennedy

Ceramica Battery Powered Rectangular LED Mirror with 24 LEDs


Having had our bathroom finished several weeks beforehand, I was looking for a mirror that had small LED lights on it but did not require wiring in to the mains. This mirror was exactly what I wanted. It was hung on the wall quite easily (we had to buy wall plugs suitable for plasterboard though as the ones provided were not). As others have said the battery panel attaches to the mirror discreetly with velcro, however it is a bit hit and miss when it comes to positioning it out of sight. As we installed the mirror in landscape rather than portrait I have simply balanced the battery on top, out of sight. The LED lights are very stylish but do not emit a lot of light - I wouldnt recommend this if you are relying on it for something like make-up application. We just wanted it to look quite flashy and it works well in the brand new bathroom. Overall very happy, it performs and looks exactly as I expected. Very quick delivery and service too, Plumbworld keep you updated on your order via email very efficiently and there are plenty of opportunities to let them know if something is not as expected.


Fugi Applicator Kit (3 Piece)

Easy Silicone sealer aplication

This is an excellent tool - forget the plastic scrapers and gouges you see at other shops, forget wetting a finger, this does a really easy and tidy job. Initially it looks espensive, but probably costs less than I have spent on lesser tools to do the same job. Save the messing, get one of these from the start. In the kit there are a number of edges that can be used according to the gap you are filling - curves, angles, even a little hump to seal an otherwise flat surface. You use it by applying the sealer, pressing this tool into the corner and dragging it along the join while pushing it in. Just keep an eye on the amount it is skimming off - you don't want it overflowing. Ideally you need to apply just enough sealer for there to be some to remove.You also need kitchen roll to hand to remove excess from the tool. It only takes a few mins to get the hang of it, then nice tidy joints are a doddle. Is there a down side? It is a little too big to get behind my bath taps!

Bruce Kirby

Greenwood Airvac HC115TBK Shower Extractor Fan Light

Greenwood Fan Kit

I have had a Greenwood extractor fan in one of my showers for over 15 years now and it is still going strong. The new one seems the same in all respects other than the shower light and vent closing flaps which is an attractive addition. Easy to fit and adequate for the job. Better clips for the vent hose as an alternative to tie wraps would be an improvement, especially for the fixing nearest the fan connection which you may want to access a couple of times to adjust the timer. The fan fixing bracked seemed a little iffy (it just clips on) and I used a couple of tie wraps to make sure the fan didnt com adrift from the bracket. However, once set up everything is ok. With the outlet fitted in the sofit, the back draught flaps on these units (old and new) can be a bit noisy on a windy day. Robust solonoid operated ones would be handy if anyone knows if they are available. However, if this one lasts more than 15 years without any trouble - maintenance I will be more than happy.

Jeff C