Bathroom Accessories

  1. Wall Mounted Bathroom Accessories

    Wall Mounted Bathroom Accessories

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  2. Bathroom Accessory Sets

    Bathroom Accessory Sets

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  3. Bathroom Mirrors

    Bathroom Mirrors

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  4. Toilet Seats

    Toilet Seats

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  5. Heated Towel Rails & Towel Radiators

    Heated Towel Rails & Towel Radiators

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  6. Bathroom Cleaning

    Bathroom Cleaning

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    Bathroom Lighting

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  8. Bathroom Extractor Fans

    Bathroom Extractor Fans

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    Shower Seats

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  10. Grab Rails & Assistive Products

    Grab Rails & Assistive Products

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    Bathroom Bins

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    Shower Curtains & Accessories

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    Toilet Brushes

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  14. Dripguards & Seals

    Dripguards & Seals

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  15. Clearance Bathroom Accessories

    Clearance Bathroom Accessories

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Cramer Scratch and Chip Repair Kit Alpine White

Why I buy from Plumbworld

Like many of us at the moment every penny counts. This is why I always go to my money grabbing and rip off plumbing merchant to source my product. Once this task has been completed, I simply retrun back home and log on to Plumbworld and order. On this occassion Rip off Plumbers Merchant price was £35 and Plumbworld price was £20 plus a couple of quid postage. This equates to a massive saving in my eyes for a few clicks of the mouse. Well done James Hickman for sourcing your product so cheaply and managing to sell it to the public for an acceptable price.

Natalie Liu

Ceramica Battery Powered Rectangular LED Mirror with 24 LEDs

Looks great, easy to hang, bright and clear mirror

Nice and big, has hanging hooks on both long and short edge, so you can hang it either way. 2 screws in the wall and hang it, all done in about 10 minutes. Looks really nice. Unlike many bathrooom mirrors this one doesn't appear to be tinted, I look as handsome in it, as I do in other mirrors :-p A nice product that saves a lot of hassle channeling out walls for cable. Just pop in the batteries and away it goes. Very pleased, finishes off my newly refurbished bathroom perfectly.

Simeon English

Aqualux Shower Blade - Glass Cleaner

good product

I bought this at the same time as my bathscreen. It works realy well and is the only product that I have seen that can be used on curved glass. It is easy to store , being flat and looks good. it comes with a holder but this has to be stuck on the wall with self adhesive pads. A suction pad would be better for the bathroom.

Caden Curtis

Ceramica Battery Powered Rectangular Mirror 500x650mm with 46 LEDS

To the rescue

Really love our new mirror! Just what we wanted. No mess, no fuss was installed in a jiffy. We had a power cut in our street last friday and guess what I was the only one in our street who could get light! Might have only been in the bathroom but who cares. The most important place in the house!

Your ladyship