Bathroom Cleaning

We’re all after the perfect pristine bathroom, but life isn’t always as straightforward as that and problems can sometimes occur. Accidents can happen, things can get broken or just wear out all the time. Although here at Plumbworld, we strive to offer the cheapest prices on the market, we know that repairing an item can often be a cheaper way; plus, you get to keep that wonderful bath you forked out so much for in the first place!

As such, we’ve collected a range of bathroom accessories that can repair and clean all types of bathroom products - from adding new sealant to help repair chips to scratch repair kits, we’ve got you covered. You’ll also want to keep your bathroom clean, which we can more than help with, too.

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  1. Scratch & Chip Repair Kits

    Scratch & Chip Repair Kits

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    From £12.98
  2. Bathroom Cleaners

    Bathroom Cleaners

    5 choices
    From £12.05
  3. shower-cleaning

    Shower Cleaning

    7 choices
    From £11.13
  4. Glass Cleaners

    Glass Cleaners

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    From £11.13