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Bathroom Repair is an Unfortunate Inevitability

We’re all after the perfect pristine bathroom, but life isn’t always as straightforward as that and problems can sometimes occur. Accidents can happen, things can get broken or just wear out all the time. Although we strive to offer the cheapest prices on the market, we know that repairing an item can often be a cheaper way; plus, you get to keep that wonderful bath you forked out so much for in the first place! As such we’ve collected a range of bathroom repair products together – from adding new sealant to repairing chips, we’ve got you covered. You’ll also want to keep your bathroom clean, which we can more than help with too.

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Cramer Scratch and Chip Repair Kit Alpine White

Does what it say on the packet

This product is very easy to use and produces an excellent result. It arrived quickly in the post and was well packaged. The chip fixer comprises of a two compounds that need to be mixed together to create a cement that fills the chip. The most difficult part is working out a ratio of 30:1 as I only needed a small amount to fill a small chip. They very kindly provide you with a mixing pallet knife and I just guessed the ratio and it worked. It only takes 30 minutes to harden before you use the aerosol paint spray to spray the enamel layer on. I found it hard to create a totally smooth surface but it has since worn smooth and the chip is almost impossible to find. I would recommend this product because a bath chip can quickly get worse and it is cheaper than having to replace the bath. It is pricy, but cheaper than a new bath or shower tray in the end.

Aiyana Elliott

Fugi Applicator Kit (3 Piece)


Creating a smooth professional looking silicon joint is really, really difficult. I have never managed to do it ... until now, thanks to the fugi kit. I bought it because I was impressed by the reviews, and the video on You Tube. It seems a bit expensive for three small pieces of plastic, but it does work and I could not have done without it. There is a cheaper alternative from Unibond but there is only one tool (similar to one of the three in the fugi set) but it provides fewer angles and options, in particular if you have to deal with tight spaces (such as behind a sink tap).

Killian Mack

Aqualux Shower Blade - Glass Cleaner

Invaluable for super clean Glass and Tiles

I bought the shower blade when I purchased my new all glass shower enclosure and this has been one of the best cleaning products i've bought. The shower blade comes with it's own holder which you can stick to a wall for convenience. I didn't particularly want this stuck to the wall of my new bathroom as it isn't particularly attractive looking but what cleaners are? It was also the one bit of the product which felt a bit flimsy. I instead keep it in the cupboard and use it just when I'm cleaning. It's fantastic for making sure there are no smears on left on the glass after cleaning and really brings the glass up shining. The curved side is great as some of the glass on my shower enclosure is curved and the straight side wouldn't work for this. We also have a large inset mirror in the bathroom which this works on too. Overall a great product and essential if you have a lot of glass and like to keep it looking new..

Jovanny Fields

Cramer Deluxe Bathroom Care Bundle

This product is designed for a small repair, mine was approximately 5mm long by 3mm wide and 1mm deep. It provides an economic solution to retain an existing ceramic sink, especially when a replacement is not available. Requires full drying prior to application, I left it unused for two weeks, I used a hairdryer throughout to speed up the drying process after each minimal application per coat polished off with a pad of toilet tissue to remove any spill on to the surrounding ceramic surface. Total applications were 3 coats [and polish off] a day for a week. leave for a week to fully harden. Has been used for two weeks now with hot water with no apparent degradation


Cramer Scratch and Chip Repair Kit Soft Cream

Got me out of a hole...

I bought this after dropping a tool into my acrylic soft cream bath and chipping the surface. The instructions were easy to follow. Mixing the repair paste was straightforward, and it was easy to apply to the chip with the small spatula provided. The aerosol of colour provided gave good coverage, and although it's hard to obtain a seamless join (even though I followed the advice in the instructions to the letter) the result was more than acceptable. Not a perfect colour match, but pretty good. My repair is in the base of the bath, so not very obvious even when you look for it.

Francisco Murillo