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Aqualux Shower Blade - Glass Cleaner

Does what it says...

Excellent product... a minute or so at the end of the shower and job done! The curve section is great for the curved ( as well as the straight section) glass that I have in my shower. The price and effectiveness of the product cannot be faulted. Will be buying another one for my new shower downstairs !

Maxim Graves

Bathroom Suite Care & Repair Kit

Repair Kit

This kit did exactly what it says on the tin. It repaired a few chips in my white enamel bath and the chips are now completely invisible. Realy great delivery service too as it arrived within 48 hours of ordering on website. I would definitely use this website again.

Estate Manager

Kitchen & Bath Touch-Up Alpine White

Perfect solution

Used this product to repair a small chip in an enameled steel bath. The chip was caused when a screwdriver was dropped blade first onto the bath ! This touch up kit does just what it claims and the colour was a perfect match for the bath.

Tamia Douglas

Cramer Scratch and Chip Repair Kit Soft Cream

bath repair kit

quality ! from ordering to mending my bath,could not ask for anything better, many,many thanks

Kyson Wallace

Cramer Scratch and Chip Repair Kit Alpine White

Does the job and saves you a fortune !

My cleaner chipped my bath and the chip went NEARLY all the way through. Rang a plumber and he said we needed a new bath as the weight of the water when the bath was filled would put too much pressure on the chip and the bath would leak. Was told about this product and thought I'd give it a go as it was SHEDloads cheaper than a new bath. Really easy to use - colour wasn't quite white but who cares it did the job and saved me a fortune! So if you've chipped your bath and don't want/can't afford to fork out for a new one use this kiddy it's FAB !

Enzo Kirby