Bathroom Cleaners

Essential Bathroom Cleaning Materials

Bathrooms have such a variety of surfaces and materials that it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right cleaner to match. In our range of Bathroom Cleaners we cater for mirrors, acrylic surfaces, brassware, showers and much more. We also keep a supply of bathroom repair products in case you chip or damage your basin or bath. You never know, a simple repair could save you a fortune when compared with replacing an item like a bath.

  1. Cramer Bath Scuff Removing Rubber

  2. Cramer Mirror Foam Cleaner

  3. Cramer Chrom Star - Chrome Polish

  4. Cramer Acrylic Cleaner 750ml

  5. Cramer Mineral Cast Cleaner

  6. Cramer Shower Glass Cleaner 750ml

  7. Email-Star Ceramic, Porcelain, Enamel and Chrome Polish

  8. Cramer Shower Glass Cleaner 500ml

  9. Cramer Tap Cleaner

  10. Cramer Mineral Star

  11. Cramer Tap Care Bundle

  12. Acryl-Star Professional Scratch Removal Cream 100ml

    Best Seller!

    Acryl-Star Professional Scratch Removal Cream 100ml

  13. Aqualisa e-Cloth Shower Cleaning Kit - Two Pack (Clean & Polish)

  14. Shower Enclosure Glass Care Bundle

  15. Aqualisa e-Cloth Bathroom and Shower Cleaning Kit - Three Pack (Clean & Polish)

  16. Cramer Ceramic Care Bundle

  17. Cramer Deluxe Ceramic Care Bundle

  18. Bathroom Care and Maintenance Kit