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Wet Room Screens

When it comes to minimalistic shower enclosures you really can’t do any better than one of our feature wet room screens. They’re designed with function and style in mind, coupled with an extremely high build quality to ensure you get a showering space that’ll last a lifetime. No matter your installation preference we’ve got a configuration to suit your bathroom, with single and double panel shower enclosures available you’ll be able to custom make your space for maximum flexibility. Single screens can be used on their own or within an alcove to create an enclosure whereas double screens form a complete cubicle from glass. You even have the choice of purchasing a return panel which assists in keeping excess spray from leaving the shower enclosure.

  1. single-wet-room-screens

    Single Wet Room Screens

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  2. single-wet-room-screens-with-return

    Single Wet Room Screens with Return

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    Double Wet Room Screens

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    From £163.97
  4. double-wet-room-screens-with-return

    Double Wet Room Screens with Return

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    From £199.99
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