Wet Rooms

Streamline your bathroom and be done with shower curtains once and for all with a brand new wet room! Perfect for both small bathrooms and large, enjoy the luxury of a walk in shower and add a sense of space by installing a wet room bathroom - the easy way to create a stunning modern bathroom.

Create your wet room bathroom with Plumbworld

Here at Plumbworld, you can find everything you need to build your wet room bathroom, including stylish wet room shower screens to prevent water leaking out, while also boasting a sleek finish. We also stock wet room kits, providing you with professional quality and cost effective tools for your drainage installation. Perfect for those who need easy access to their shower or even want to add value to their home, install your wet room bathroom with Plumbworld today.

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    Wet Room Screens

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    Wet Room Kits

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    Wet Room Formers

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    Wet Room Kit Accessories

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