Shower Screens

Shower screens are perfect for showers placed over the bath. Many bathrooms are simply too small to accommodate full-size shower enclosures and a bath. A shower over the bath is the next best thing. For many years people were restricted to shower curtains to avoid splashes of water getting on the floor; then the industry advanced and introduced bath shower screens. This made way for a solution that addressed the same issue the curtain did but in a much more elegant and hygienic way. The range of bath and shower screens from Plumbworld combines construction of the highest quality with stylish designs to prevent water getting everywhere. With a wide range of screens currently on offer, not only do they represent terrific value for money but they’re also one of the simplest and cost efficient methods of visually upgrading the look of your bathroom.

  1. Curved Overbath Shower Screens

    Curved Overbath Shower Screens

    9 choices
    From £49.99
  2. Square Overbath Shower Screens

    Square Overbath Shower Screens

    10 choices
    From £54.99
  3. Folding Shower Screens

    Folding Bath Screens

    4 choices
    From £74.99
  4. Sliding Shower Screens

    Sliding Shower Screens

    2 choices
    From £109.99
  5. Sail Over Bath Shower Screens

    Sail Over Bath Shower Screens

    3 choices
    From £109.99