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Shower Screens

While shower curtains certainly are handy, if you want to add a little more style to your bathroom, shower screens can be a better option. Over bath shower screens do exactly the same job as a shower curtain - keeping your bathroom floor free from shower splashes - but in a much more sophisticated way. They are essentially a large glass panel that fits snugly between your wall and the edge of your bath, providing a stylish way to enclose your over bath shower.

Shop a range of bath shower screens at Plumbworld

Find your ideal bathroom shower screen online at Plumbworld today. Our range features all the styles you could want, including curved over bath shower screens, square over bath shower screens, folding bath shower screens and more. Combining high quality with competitive prices and free next-day delivery - you won’t get a better deal than at Plumbworld!

  1. Curved Overbath Shower Screens

    Curved Overbath Shower Screens

    8 choices
    From £69.97
  2. Square Overbath Shower Screens

    Square Overbath Shower Screens

    13 choices
    From £29.99
  3. Folding Shower Screens

    Folding Bath Screens

    4 choices
    From £119.00
  4. Sliding Shower Screens

    Sliding Shower Screens

    2 choices
    From £109.97
  5. Sail Over Bath Shower Screens

    Sail Over Bath Shower Screens

    3 choices
    From £104.99
  6. shower-bath-screens

    Shower Bath Screens

    3 choices
    From £99.99
  7. black-bath-screens

    Black Bath Screens

    1 choices
    From £84.97
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