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Shower Screens - Prevent Splashes With An Over Bath Screen

Shower screens are perfect for showers placed over the bath. For many years people were restricted to shower curtains to avoid splashes of water getting on the floor; then the industry advanced and introduced bath shower screens. This made way for a solution that addressed the same issue the curtain did but in a much more elegant and hygienic way. The range of bath and shower screens from Plumbworld combines construction of the highest quality with stylish designs to prevent water getting everywhere. With a wide range of screens currently on offer, not only do they represent terrific value for money but they’re also one of the simplest and cost efficient methods of visually upgrading the look of your bathroom.

  1. Curved Overbath Shower Screens

    From £54.97
    with 3 choices

    Curved Overbath Shower Screens
  2. Square Overbath Shower Screens

    From £40.31
    with 3 choices

    Square Overbath Shower Screens
  3. Sail Over Bath Shower Screens

    From £59.97
    with 2 choices

    Sail Over Bath Shower Screens
  4. Folding Bath Screens

    From £69.97
    with 3 choices

    Folding Bath Screens
  5. Sliding Shower Screens

    From £213.03
    with 1 choices

    Sliding Shower Screens


Coram Frameless Sliding Shower Screen

Value for money

I am overwhelmed with my purchase of the sliding bath shower screen. I am very hesitant and sceptical usually when ordering anything on-line, as it doesn't usually meet up to the spectations provided. However there are no quarms with my order from plumbworld, as every detail given is accurate, correct and lives up to its spectations. It gives me confidence and re-assurance in any further purchases from plumbworld, as they are true to their word, which is something you don't very often come across. When calling customer service to confirm my order they were professional, helffull and polite, again not always the service you receive, as often left holding on the phone over 20mins, and being passed from one to another. Atleast with Plumbworld you do actually talk to a human being. I recommend dealing with plumbworld for any bathroom, kitchens and bedroom purchases, you won't be disappointed or let down.

Dangelo Shea

Coram Curved Chrome Shower Screen

Stylish finishing touch to my new bathroom

I recently bought the Coram shower screen for my new bathroom. I chose this product because it looks sleek, stylish and for the price you pay I felt I was getting much better quality than I could get elsewhere, where similar products are 30-40%+ higher. The product arrived very quickly and was fairly easy to assemble. The only drawback is that it is really heavy, so it does need two people. It looks really good, and you can tell it's heavy for a reason - it's really solid and clearly better quality than cheaper products. It opens in both directions which is really useful not only for cleaning but also for getting in and out of the bath. Also it has this handy clear plastic strip on the bottom so that it glides neatly across the bath surface, keeping water on the inside.

Adalyn Mcclure

Coram Square Shower Screen Chrome

The Best Shower Screen for the money no doudt

I spent an age trying to find a screen that suited my most discerning needs and I found it via plumb world. This is one hell of a beaut. It came extremely well packaged with corner protectors. I received lots of correspondence from plumb world, often advising on my options for refunds should I be unhappy etc. they are truly customer focused. I would strongly advise anyone to use them as Im sure they would sort out any issue you may have along the way. Well done and an excellent product to boot. The whole family is loving their showers. Thanks


Hydrolux 4 Fold Folding Shower Screen Silver Frame

Good looking and brilliant price. Piece of advice: when fittng the folding screen to the metal strip you've already bolted to the wall drill the the top hole hard up against the slot so you don't experience any movement of the screen towards the bath rim. I had to use a metal washer to secure it as there is a lot of weight hanging off that top screw. Also, even though there is a long guarentee, I'm dubious as to how long the rubber strip along the bottom will last as with daily use there will be a lot of bending to and fro (at the end of the screen there is a plastic edge that digs into the rubber constantly which does not bode well).

Aidan David

Hydrolux Square Shower Screen

Slightly Disappointed.

After reading the reviews on here I decided to purchase one, however fitting was not as easy as I thought. Maybe I am being a bit 'picky' but firstly to drill 4mm holes,as stated in the instructions, for the rawlplugs is ridiculous as no way was I able to get them to fit that smaller hole especially in to ceramic tiles and actually damaged 2,so they had to be drilled to 6mm and had to use my own plugs. Also there is no instruction on how the seals actually fit to provide a water tight seal in the corner so it was all trial and error and yes they do have to be cut. as well.

Dominique Matthews