Robe Hooks

Don’t just chuck your brand new dressing gown/robe over the top corner of the door; hang it with a bit of pride and style. Plumbworld’s stunning range of robe hook bathroom accessories makes the ideal addition for those looking to complement their bathroom with an extra bit of style and functionality. Available in chrome and a variety of contemporary & traditional designs, you can be sure there’s a hook to complement your current bathroom decor. Better yet, you can now choose from single and double hooks for those who want to hang a pair of his & her robes without buying two accessories – win, win! And if the thought of damaging your tiles makes you sad inside, have a look at the ‘Never Drill Again’ options.

  1. Park Lane Bredon Robe Hook

  2. Park Lane Elmley Robe Hook

  3. Architeckt Venus Robe Hook

  4. Architeckt Neptune Robe Hook

  5. Architeckt Saturn Robe Hook

  6. Architeckt Pluto Robe Hook

  7. Architeckt Mercury Robe Hook

  8. Croydex Flexi Fix Pendle Robe Hook Chrome - QM411741

  9. Croydex Flexi Fix Chester Robe Hook Chrome - QM441741

  10. Croydex Worcester Flexi Fix Chrome Double Robe Hook - QM461741

  11. Architeckt Jupiter Robe Hook

  12. Grohe Essentials Robe Hook

  13. Croydex Epsom Flexi Fix Chrome Robe Hook - QM481741

  14. Never Drill Again Loxx Towel Hook

  15. architeckt-orion-double-robe-hook

    Best Seller!

    Architeckt Orion Double Robe Hook

  16. Architeckt Chrome Single Hook

  17. Architeckt Chrome Radiator Hook

  18. Architeckt Single Over The Door Hook

  19. Architeckt Athens Double Robe Hook

  20. Croydex Everson Flexi Fix Chrome Robe Hook - QM551741

  21. Croydex Metra Flexi Fix Chrome Double Robe Hook - QM541741

  22. Grohe Essentials Cube Robe Hook

  23. Never Drill Again Loxx Robe Hook

  24. Croydex Grosvenor Flexi Fix Chrome Double Robe Hook - QM701741

  25. Croydex Cheadle Flexi Fix Chrome Double Robe Hook - QM511741

  26. Architeckt Chrome Double Hook

  27. Architeckt Multiple Over The Door Hook

  28. Architeckt Chrome Multiple Hook

  29. Architeckt Genova Rose Gold Robe Hook