There’s nothing worse than sitting in a freezing cold house, which is why heating is imperative to heat up your home so you can be comfortable and warm. We have a fantastic range of heated towel rails, radiators, valves, central heating treatments and more, so you can choose exactly what you need to suit your home. Combine these with an instant water heater or some underfloor heating and you'll be able to sit back and relax for the rest of the cold spell.

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  1. Heated Towel Rails

    Heated Towel Rails

    177 products
    From £4.99
  2. Radiators


    615 products
    From £4.99
  3. Radiator Valves

    Radiator Valves

    31 products
    From £4.99
  4. fires-and-stoves

    Fires & Stoves

    192 products
    From £29.50
  5. underfloor-heating

    Underfloor Heating

    74 products
    From £5.50
  6. Water Heaters

    Water Heaters

    18 products
    From £19.61
  7. plinth-heaters

    Plinth Heaters

    27 products
    From £9.94
  8. Radiator Covers

    Radiator Covers

    28 products
    From £34.99
  9. alarms-and-detectors


    1 choice
    From £22.49