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Inset Gas Fires

There are masses of variations when it comes to gas fires but if you want something that’s stylish and modern then you really need to consider an inset gas fire. They benefit from contemporary designs to blend with any modern home and they fit right into your chimney breast to minimise on any space that’s taken up. Gas fires will have an incombustible set of “logs” with tiny gas vents littered across them. These will provide you with ample heat while giving the effect of a real log fire. These fires will even help to reduce your monthly heating bill by allowing you to heat just one room of the house, a particularly good idea if your family tends to congregate in the lounge. Inset gas fires can be purchased in a number of different sizes too so getting the right amount of heat for your home is easier than you might think.

  1. class-1-full-depth-gas-fires

    Class 1 Full Depth Gas Fires

    60 products
    From £238.19
  2. class-2-slimline-gas-fires

    Class 2 Slimline Gas Fires

    31 products
    From £218.98
  3. balanced-flue-inset-gas-fires

    Balanced Flue Inset Gas Fires

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    From £677.98